Friday, May 1, 2009

NYC Half Registration Snafus

Some folk trying to register for the NYC Half today may have run in to a problem, particularly if they registered for the New York Marathon or a past NIKE Half. The application prompts you for a username and password - for the life of me, I couldn't remember mine, and so it wouldn't let me in.

However, for a change, it may not be me.

The Facebook discussion group is peppered with complaints about this - including from people who claim they've never set up a profile (I actually recall setting up the profile - I just don't what it is, and none of my usual passwords work). Anyway, the response from NYRR:

"Anyone who emails with this issue, will be added to the list even if registrations closes (we'll factor it in to the final numbers). "

That was posted earlier this afternoon (it's just before 7 now), so not entirely sure how valid it is. All this was on top of what the club called higher-than-expected volume for the site, causing problems.

P.S. I was off on my price: $65 for the race (with no refund, no exchange, etc.)

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