Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Things for the Brooklyn Half

Sorry for the wait ...

#8: Know the Weather, and Prepare for It

After huffing and puffing through a 5K earlier this month when the temperature had breached 70 degrees, it made me realize (among other things) that I was dehydrating a lot quicker than I had thought. Dying during the last 10 minutes of an 8 1/2 mile run on Saturday merely reinforced the fact (what's even more annoying is that I passed up a chance for water at the park on Union/Smith on the way back. Stupid mistake).

Right now, it looks like the forecast will be sunny and in the 600s for the race - perfect for spectators, less so for those of us traipsing the half-marathon course (hey, it could be a lot worse, I realize). Wear appropriate clothing during the day (light colored, hopefully avoiding the cotton T-shirt), make sure you are well-hydrated beforehand (your urine should be clear as you make that hasty last-minute rush to the Port-o-Pottie), and take the water and Gatorade on the course.

Me, I'm also breaking out my stash of Clif Shot Bloks and hoping the "best if used by 04 Dec 08" date is a recommendation, rather than a necessity.


ChickenUnderwear said...

Smart Mom says there are already 11,000 registered.

Janet said...

"Stash"? CLIF still makes them, they just changed the packaging to a long thin tube-like arrangement.