Friday, May 29, 2009

Brooklyn Half: Old and New

Stopped by NYRR (actually, two blocks south) to pick up my race day T-shirt, so I don't have to deal with stuff tomorrow.

It's, sadly, another short-sleeved cotton T (see the photo above). Somehow, I don't think it's going to get the same wear as the long-sleeved cotton T from the Brooklyn Half a year ago (the beer bottle on the left).

For a change, mostly followed my own advice. Have had the pasta with sauce (couldn't find my favorite meat sauce, but no worries) for dinner, sipping a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, mellowing before the race. (10 Things You Need to Know for the Brooklyn Half advice, I might add).

10,000 stories tomorrow (a link here indicates NYRR accepted at least 11,000, if not more) ...

Was thinking about my race last year - out of shape to race a half (I died after 10 miles), but a fun experience overall.

Tomorrow, my expectations are much different: An injury derailed me for several weeks, and I'm just getting back into running shape (much less racing shape). But, I figure, it's my hometown race, and a good 13 mile jaunt, regardless of time, will tell me a lot about where I am in my training, and where I need to go.

And it's going to be a blast.

Again, for those reading in the wee hours before the race. Good luck! Maybe we'll run together tomorrow.

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Samantha said...

If you see #10119 say Hi ;)

Honestly, I thought the shirt was pretty bland; my Snowflake 5k shirt is much nicer :p