Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Know Your Subways (#9)

Number 9 ... if you're racing the Brooklyn Half, don't get off at Grand Army Plaza to get to the start of the race. Yes, the 2/3 stop there (and if you're lucky and there's construction, maybe even the 4). But it's a good 1 1/2 miles to the race start.

The Q will put you on the other side of the park at the Prospect Park stop, but it's not too bad. According to the course map, the closest subway stop is on the F line (most likely, 15th Street/Prospect Park West).

And, shockingly enough, the F runs all the way out to Coney Island (so for those of you without cars that will be trekking back, the F will be a familiar place to be). Actually, it was kind of fun getting up at the crack to ride the F *to* Coney Island on previous race days, since most of the people up at the hour were going to the race, so you had kind of a pre-race party. Coming back, we're all going to be kind of stinky, I suspect - so get a place near the doors :-)

Believe it or not, the MTA actually has a schedule -- very important when you travel on off-hours -- and their advisory postings are must-reads for making treks on the weekends.


do bklyn said...

Even better, use the Trip Planner feature on the MTA website.

It will tell you the exact combination of subways, buses and walking required to get you to the start line on time.

Rather than using "Prospect Park" as your destination, you're better off using a street destination like Prospect Park SW and 16th St.

Samantha said...

Another helpful hint:

If you're coming from "Manhattan" stay in the last few cars of the train. If you're coming from "Coney Island" stay in the first few cars. You'll get out on the same corner as the park! (Or the movie theater right across the street)

ChickenUnderwear said...

I think the closest stop will be Prospect Park. The back of the train (Manhattan side) will let you off on Flatbush and Ocean Ave.

If you already have you bib the corrals will probably cover the entire length of Center Drive.

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