Thursday, May 28, 2009


#3. Time for some chillin' out before Saturday's race.

There's a school of thought that tonight (Thursday) is more important for sleep than tomorrow (Friday), but either way, getting a decent amount of sleep is important.

And also, at this point, the training's over, so some entertainment is in order. Think about what inspires, you makes you smile. Ignore the fact that NYRR has stuck a "warm weather advisory" on its site (it's late May, what do you expect? The 40s?)

Think about why you run. And smile if any of this Brooks running commercial brings back memories.


ChickenUnderwear said...

That was good!

I got a good word..


Samantha said...

I love that!! And I am really digging your tips. I am definitely in chillin mode. All of my training is done, now its just time to relax and doooo itttt!

I love the song in that video, I think Im going to watch it Saturday morning ;)

word: saxin!