Saturday, July 31, 2010

And on the 100th Day ...

Including your run today (and including Nov. 7), there's an inclusive span of 100 days that will determine your success on that 100th day.

That being New York Marathon day.

How's the training going? If you're just finishing your sixth week, golden. If you're still mucking about with 20 mile weeks and long runs of 7 miles ... probably time to pick it up. With 14 weeks to go, you've still got time, though the next few weeks are crucial.

And the Brooklyn Running community will be there to help. :-)

Note the NYRR Web site says there are still slots open for Long Run #1 tomorrow in Central Park, if you need some extra motivation ....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quirky 5Ks

The Wall Street Journal has this story about some of the quirkier 5Ks in the U.S. (and hey, anyone can run one).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Queens vs Brooklyn

Wow. Guess they didn't need to worry about race overcrowding at Queens. (Wonder what would happens if they ran the race in the spring or the fall?). Heard reasonably good things about the course, nothing good about the weather.

The heat was a big factor - one wonders how many people simply stayed away. At the same time, the race date switch may have also caused people to change plans.

Some numbers to compare between Queens and Brooklyn in this year's half marathons

-- Queens: 86 degrees, 63% humidity, wind 12 mph
-- Brooklyn
: 58 Deg. 86% hum. wind 6 mph

-- Queens: 3,668
-- Brooklyn: 7,015

(When was the last time a NYRR half had this few finishers? I'm thinking there's a Manhattan Half on this list.)

# of finishers who broke 1:30
-- Queens: 67 (only two women)
-- Brooklyn: 280 (23 women)

Top Brooklyn male:
-- Queens: Jacob Cooper, 1:19:46
-- Brooklyn: Dirk Muench, 1:12:43

(For comparison: Cooper ran a 1:13:45 in Manhattan this year)

Top Brooklyn female:
-- Queens: Beth St. John, 1:35:07
-- Brooklyn: Kelly Chin, 1:19:51

Congrats to everyone who struggled through the sweatbath (my contribution on the day was to run 4 miles on the Brooklyn Bridge, and to die mightily in the final mile, so I got a small taste of who you all felt).

Did you run? Comment away ...

NYRR Long Run #1 Nears Capacity

The first NYRR long training run is nearing capacity, for those who are interested. The fee of $13 at this point gets you support and comraderie (you do get to meet a wide variety of people on these things and there are pace setters) for as many as 20 miles in Central Park.

There's part of me that says this is a rip-off, that you should easily be able to find running partners who can work with you for the long runs. But the reality is, sometimes supported runs like this are the perfect solution. (Plenty of local Brooklyn clubs have regular runs, though not always for those who are seeking to pull off the long 20).

Should you decide to duplicate the feat in Prospect Park, some thoughts:
*6 loops will give you 20. Alternate directions (trust me, this is a good idea).
*Try running "figure 8s" turning on to the upper loop drive (i.e. the first one you hit when you run from Grand Army Plaza), reversing direction when you get to the main drive, hitting the upper loop drive again, and reversing direction again to complete the 8. That's 4.5 miles (and running it four times isn't all that horrendous).

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Founders 5K July 31

Adding to the wave of 5Ks in Prospect Park this summer, the Founders 5K takes place next Saturday, July 31, at 9 a.m. (Bartel-Pritchard Square start)

New Balance shirts to the first 750 applicants (not sure if any left at this point), sponsored by the *Central Park* Track Club and Urban Athletics among others. Details here

Friday, July 23, 2010

Race of the Weekend: Queens Half

Unlike Brooklyn, which closed in record time, Queens has plenty of spots open - in fact you can sign up on race day for the 7 a.m. start. I suspect its less to do with the fact our Queens brethren are less committed to a local half than the timing - July 24, on what may turn out to be one of the hottest weekends of the year.

Temps will hit the mid-80s by 9 a.m., as many of you are finishing up, and the day promises to one of the humid-blech days better spent soaking yourself in the waters off Coney Island or the Jersey Shore (I think I'm going to search for a nice mountain stream). It's not a day for a PR, most likely - so make sure you're listening to your body and staying hydrated.

Other options this weekend? Nothing really local, though it you have wheels, a short trip to CT, NJ or upstate gives you some choices.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

RIP James Buckley

Sad news about one of the top supporters of Brooklyn runners - pasta dinner for NYC marathoners, Buckley's-Kennedy race among other accomplishments ...

Details here, courtesy of the Daily News:

BUCKLEY — James J. On July 16, 2010. Proprietor of Buckley's restaurant & Caterers of Brooklyn and Kennedy's Restaurant of Breezy Point. Devoted son of the late Martin & Kathleen (nee Leonard). Beloved husband of Kathleen (nee Casey). Loving father of Christine Strehle (John), James (Margaret) and Kathy Ann Murray (Martin). Dear brother of Mary Williams, Kathleen Greenlay, Elizabeth Black, Margaret Baldinger, Martin, Helen Smith, Anne and Joanie. Cherished grandfather of 16. Funeral Tuesday, 9 A.M. from the MARINE PARK FUNERAL HOME, 3024 Quentin Road, Bklyn. Funeral Mass 10 A.M. at Good Shepherd R.C. Church. Interment St. Charles Cemetery. Visiting Sun. & Mon., 2-5 & 7-9 P.M. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to: Heartshare Human Services, 12 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

NYC Triathlon

Not a specific running post, though you've got to give kudos to everyone who was out in the sweltering heat for the NYC Tri. A NYT article points out that there were less hospitalizations than expected, though that in itself is a worrisome event. (Folk, 99% of us do this for fun, so please, please take precautions and run/race smart given the conditions).

Searchable results are here.

UPDATE: I confess I'm confused by the various categories that NYC Triathlon is offering (there's an Elite category that I didn't take into account) so ...

Top Brooklyn finishers include:

Chris Johnson (2:04:54)
Arthur Moore (2:09:53)

Here's part of my earlier post:

"(I think, if I didn't mess up my search criteria) was Dmitriy Kourtchikov, who finished in 2:12:36. Top Brooklyn female was Lauren Dewey in 2:26:06"

At this point ... not absolutely sure I've even got the top finishers. So, regardless - Brooklyn has got some great tri-competitors out there (thanks Jonathan for pointing out the earlier inconsistency)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prospect Park vs Central Park

The NYT weighs in. What do you think? What about for running?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Quickly Will Boston Close?

I'm talking the 2010 marathon. Why ask this now? The BAA Half Marathon (6,000 runners) closed in two hours. Originally I thought it would be in a week (registration opens Oct. 18 at 9 a.m.). Now, assuming the BAA servers don't crash, I think they'll be done in a day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Queens Half Course Posted

Lot of turns, though there are places, particularly in the first five miles, where you get a chance to see how the runners ahead and behind you are doing

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reminder: We Live in a City

Admittedly, this could happen anywhere, but an attack of a runner July 5 in Riverside Park in the early morning hours is a reminder that we all need to wary out there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Race Results

Pepper Martin 5-Mile results are here from yesterday

And, catching up a bit ...

PPTC Speed Series 5K results from June 23 are here

Good Shepherd 5K results from June 19 are here

Hard to tell from these what Brooklyn residents excelled (note to organizers - please offer this field on your online race results, since I know you have it).

I'm not seeing the results from the Cosme 5K on June 27 anywhere - easily could have missed them, so if someone has a link, please send along, otherwise, would imagine they will be linked here at some point.

Picking Up Numbers for Others at NYRR Races

Following up on some earlier conversations ... (and I suspect this going to be a mess) ... anyway, while there's nothing on the NYRR Web site officially about this, here's what NYRR posted on its Facebook page June 23 ...

"For most races, (NYC Half, ING NYC Marathon excluded), friends can pickup for runners. We ask that they bring a signed email or letter giving permission. The person picking up should know the birth date or approximate age (in case the name is common and we have two people with the same name on file) and the shirt size of the runners.

Runners should keep in mind that if you are allowing another to pick up their material they are still bound by our rules of competition. If someone other than the registrants runs with that race number, the registrants (and the runner) will be disqualified from future NYRR events."

No idea what's going to happen, if, push comes to shove, I go to pick up a number for my friend and don't have a letter or a signed e-mail (I'm sure there's a FedEx Office around the corner).

On a secondary front, whether or not you support the idea that someone can run with someone else's number -- how widespread is this in the less-important races? (OK, conspiracy theory - what if someone hired someone else to run their 9 qualifying races, or do the volunteer stint, or (gasp, BOTH!) in order to get into the marathon?) Has it happened? (My guess is: Yes)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Thoughts as the Temps Hit 90

Blech. Never like it when it gets this hot. Cranked out a few miles this morning, but am despairing about the remainder of the week; can only hope the overnight temps drop down somewhat. Either that, or it's on to the treadmill. Some thoughts from the weekend:

-- Had a chance to run down in Red Hook yesterday (in fact, was there for a second day in a row today after a trip to Fairway). It's been a while since I'd traipsed down some of the side streets. In this case, we darted back behind the IKEA, found some welcome sprinklers, and then stopped off at the track (more water). Not a lot of shade, but it broke up the routine that had increasingly included the Brooklyn Bridge.

-- There's a letter in the July/August issue of Running Times from Brooklyn's Mark Saxon, defending Scott Jurek (the article looked at both Jurek and Dean Karnazes). It's not online yet (and may not be), though one point Saxon raised seems to hit home: " ... I think Dean is great, and he inspired me and many people to go out there and do it, but let's give credit where credit is due: Scott is the real champion. It's not about stunts to keep you in the press; it's about the love of the sport."

-- Do you know who Chris Solinsky is? Think sub-13 5,000 meters. This is worth a read. One thing I love about this - he's 6'1" and 165 pounds (OK, he also runs 7 minutes faster than I do in the 5K). But there's hope.

-- There are 11 Bear Mountains in New York state alone, according to Wikipedia. But the one in Orange County is the one most of us know and love. Worth a trip to hike on the trails, swim in the lake - basically, get out of the city.

-- The Ladder 5 Cross Country Challenge takes place in Staten Island next weekend - worth a look if you can get out there.

-- Thinking about a fall marathon/half marathon? The latest issue of Marathon & Beyond highlights the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in early October. Very flat, good "no frills" Boston qualifier. And how can you beat the date? 10-10-10

Happy 4th everyone.