Monday, July 5, 2010

Picking Up Numbers for Others at NYRR Races

Following up on some earlier conversations ... (and I suspect this going to be a mess) ... anyway, while there's nothing on the NYRR Web site officially about this, here's what NYRR posted on its Facebook page June 23 ...

"For most races, (NYC Half, ING NYC Marathon excluded), friends can pickup for runners. We ask that they bring a signed email or letter giving permission. The person picking up should know the birth date or approximate age (in case the name is common and we have two people with the same name on file) and the shirt size of the runners.

Runners should keep in mind that if you are allowing another to pick up their material they are still bound by our rules of competition. If someone other than the registrants runs with that race number, the registrants (and the runner) will be disqualified from future NYRR events."

No idea what's going to happen, if, push comes to shove, I go to pick up a number for my friend and don't have a letter or a signed e-mail (I'm sure there's a FedEx Office around the corner).

On a secondary front, whether or not you support the idea that someone can run with someone else's number -- how widespread is this in the less-important races? (OK, conspiracy theory - what if someone hired someone else to run their 9 qualifying races, or do the volunteer stint, or (gasp, BOTH!) in order to get into the marathon?) Has it happened? (My guess is: Yes)

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Anonymous said...

At the end of 2009 the NYRR actually allowed people to have a surrogate do their volunteer race for them. Hardly ethical, but whatever. From what I understand, they were under enormous pressure from Central Park to make sure they had the requisite number of course marshals.