Sunday, September 26, 2010

PPTC/JackRabbit Marathon Bus

Details are here about the PPTC/JackRabbit Marathon Bus (this year leaving from 151 7th Avenue between Garfield and Carroll) at 6 a.m. sharp. Once nice touch; JackRabbit will be open before the buses so people can get their last minute Gu/Glide and other stuff.

Also note in this link, PPTC sponsors a "last 10 miles" run the weekend before in Manhattan. This is open to the public - you don't need to be a PPTC member - and it's a great chance to see what the last 10 miles of the course are like - crucial if this is your first race.

Dec. 11 Jingle Bell Jog: Also $40

Details of the Dec. 11 NYRR race in Prospect Park are up, and it's being used as a fund-raiser for the NYRR Youth Programs - hence the hefty entry fee.

The 4 mile race in Prospect Park costs $40 to enter at this point (compared to, say $18 for the Joe Kleinerman 10K the weekend before). Included in the entry fee is a technical T-shirt, and jingle bells.

Given the economy (and the thousands of other causes), it will be interesting to see how many people are willing to pay this (unless you've left your NYRR Q races to the last moment).

Do note, for Brooklyn folk, it's an excellent opportunity to get the volunteer opportunity in.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fifth Avenue Mile Tomorrow

This year's professional version ought to be pretty awesome if you happen to be tooling around Manhattan near 5th Ave. around 12:50ish (or near your computer). The men's race features Bernard Lagat, Alan Webb and many others going after the crown. Men's bios here, women's bios here

You can watch live on and NYRR (might be the same feed, not sure)

And good luck to everyone from Brooklyn who's racing the mile in many of the early races.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Maintenance Update

Brooklyn Heights Blog has an update on what to look for, including a potential one-lane only on the bridge for runners/walkers/cyclists during the weekday as they inspect the bridge.

Having run on the bridge several times over the past few weeks, I confess I'm feeling a little claustrophobic about running through the metal section in the middle of the bridge. Part of it is the desire to look for escape routes (if I'm running at 5 a.m. and some drunken guy comes at me, I want the option to jump out on the spans). Yes, it's necessary, and yes I love the bridge, though I suspect I may also head over the oft-neglected Manhattan Bridge at times (though probably not at 5 a.m. - that's even more isolated)

Battery Park-Central Park 20-Miler

I was inspired by the article in the NYTimes last week about doing a full loop of Manhattan (32 miles). Not so inspired that I think I'm going to run that anytime soon ... however, for those of you looking to do a 20-miler, there's a relatively straightforward loop you can do within Manhattan.

The route below starts at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall (easily reachable by the 4/5), though it can be run from any part of the loop. Very simply, it hugs the water in the lower half of Manhattan, cuts across 59th St., does an almost full loop of Central Park (except for the southern section) and continues along 59th St. to the East Side. (Note, you have to stay on 1st Ave. to 34th St. at least - this route cuts over at 23rd for preference reasons (you pass two hospitals with bathrooms ... and if you need to collapse ... to be honest).

It's a bit more than 20, I think (this can be adjusted depending on where you start the run.). Plenty of water along the way, and it's a bit more diverse than running three loops in Central Park. It's also mostly flat (which is both good and bad), though you can plan for when you want to deal with the hills depending on the subway stop you get off.

Atlantic Antic *and* Dumbo Arts Festival This Weekend

Plan your running routes accordingly - whether it's to make sure you can finish your Sunday run with a beer at the Atlantic Antic in downtown Brooklyn, or check out some stellar exhibits in Dumbo. Do note that with the throngs of people around, Atlantic Ave., particularly Sunday afternoon, will be very crowded.

New Qualifying Race for NYM 2010

I know, I know, you've been saying - there just aren't enough qualifying races for New York. I don't have enough opportunities to run in Central Park. Race fees are too low - I want to pay *double* what I've been paying. And really, really - I hate racing on the weekend - let's have an early morning weekday race!

Your prayers have been answered. Just announced: There's a NYRR 5 for family, friends - oh heck, anyone who wants to run on Friday morning, Nov. 5 at the healthy hour of 8 a.m.

(Me: Hi, boss, off to run a road race
(Boss: What? Are you kidding?)

Note there is precedent, particularly the Empire State Building climb earlier in the year, not that I want to make that argument (have done that in the past)

The course is one of the five mile variations. The race fee - right now - is a whopping $40 for members and can be up to $50 for non-members if they register after Oct. 21. (There better be a technical T-shirt at the least).

Based on my quick tally, that means, including this weekend's mile race, there are 10 other Q races remaining for New York (excluding the marathon itself). Oddly enough, while you can sign up for all the others, you can't yet sign up for the NYRR Holiday Run in Prospect Park on Dec. 11 (which makes me wonder if there's an issue with that race - either the date, location or both).

Bed Stuy 10K Oct. 10

For those of you looking for a local 10K (and are completely sick of doing loops in Prospect and Central parks), check out the annual Bed Stuy 10K. Not only will it take you through neighborhoods that for many of us isn't on the regular running route, it's also got great community support.

The timing of it is pretty cool - 4 weeks before New York, and it gives you a chance for a shorter race to work out some kinks (rather than traveling to Staten Island, which is hosting the half that weekend).

The 2009 course map is linked off the home page, and it's worth studying ... I know a fair number of people that got lost taking a wrong turn (I almost did the same during an earlier iteration of the race, and was only saved by helpful passersby). No guarantees it's the same this year, though.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Race Results: Hoban, 18-Miler, Yonkers

Hoban Run is here. The 18-miler in Central Park is here. Yonkers is here

(Apologize for brevity, just wanted to get these out)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alan Webb Fans, Get Ready

Webb, the on-again, off-again favorite among U.S. milers (he's currently moving back to the top on the "favorite scale") will be in town for the 5th Ave. mile next weekend.

NYRR is hosting a burgers and beers event ($35 beforehand, $40 at the door) featuring Webb and Shannon Rowbury. Each ticket includes unlimited beer, wine, and burgers (veggie options, too), there's a raffle, benefits youth services division of NYRR

Of course, check out this article, which says Webb isn't drinking beer (and may not be downing the burgers,) as part of his training regimen


Either way, Webb, in town for the race, should be a great event next weekend. And you can still run!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Races This Weekend

At 5 p.m., I'm sitting at work, debating a) run home; b) go to a bar for a goodbye party; c) head home to be with the family. The answer? c), which is why I'm still relatively dry (relatively, since I got off the subway and was confronted with a whiteout of rain and wind. Hope those runners who were out there didn't get too wet (drenched is a possibility) and managed to avoid the swirling debris and falling trees.

This weekend, what to do? Plenty of options:

On Saturday, Sept. 18, check out the Harlem Renaissance Road Race (5 miles). Don't go to the Dog Run Dog that was supposed to be in Prospect Park - the Web site says it's postponed to spring (dang, I wanted to meet Rufus, the Registration Dog)

Sunday's also got some options. The third leg of the Brooklyn Triple Crown - the Chris Hoban 5 miler, takes place in Bay Ridge. If you want something longer, check out the Yonkers Marathon and Half - I want to do this someday (and maybe I'll show up for the half). Then again, you can run 3 loops of Central Park (and pay for your efforts).

The PPTC main site (scroll down) as well as NYCRuns have plenty of others as well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Liz Padilla 5K

The death of yet another cyclist on Brooklyn's streets unfortunately coincides with the race brochure I picked up at the gym today.

The 5th Annual Liz Padilla Memorial 5K takes place in Prospect Park on Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. to remember Liz Padilla, a competitive runner who was killed in road accident on her way to work. The race is sponsored by the Brooklyn Bar Assn Volunteer Lawyers Project.

Needless to say, there are a lot of races with a lot of worthy causes. This one is ringing home today.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sad News: Slope Sports to Close

Don't have all the details yet, but Brooklyn is losing one of its premier running stores with Slope Sports shutting down. Kirsten and Haig Marino have been great supporters of the Brooklyn running community, including race sponsorship and great clothing/shoe selections. They will be missed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekend Race Picks

There are plenty of options in the Greater New York area (including Long Island, NJ and CT): Here are three to consider as we dodge Hurricane Earl:

*9/4: Celic 4-Mile Run, Cloves Lake Park, Staten Island
There are still race-day entries available

*9/5: World Trade Center Run to Remember (5K), Governor's Island
Flat, fast loop + around Governors Island - note the Brooklyn ferry doesn't start running until 11, which is somewhat aggravating, so you have to head into Manhattan to get there.

*9/6: New Haven Road Race (5K, 20K), New Haven, CT
A bit of a travel, though if you're up for an early, early morning drive, I bet you won't hit any traffic on 95 … (hah). Race starts at 8:15. It's also the 20K U.S. Championships