Saturday, February 23, 2008

Race Calendar Sites

How can you find out about races in the general area?

Here's a breakdown of some sites I use when looking around. One of my goals is to create a more comprehensive race calendar than what appears on, in part because there are a lot of smaller races that just don't make it there (and, with due respect to the Active folk, their event calendar is cluttered with running clubs/programs).

So, here's a list of some spots to check out in the interim. This is not an exhaustive list: it doesn't include single-race Web sites, and it's likely missing some running clubs that put out lists. Post some of your own or e-mail Brooklyn Running - hopefully this spring, I'll have a Web site up that is a bit more comprehensive.

New York City Area Races

New York Road Runners:

New York Ultra Running:

New York Adventure Racing:

Prospect Park Track Club:

Van Cortlandt Track Club:

Long Island Races

Greater Long Island Running Club:

Long Island Road Runners:

New Jersey

On Your Mark Productions:

Race Forum:

Connecticut Races

Hit-Tek Racing:

Hartford Marathon Foundation:

General Race Information

Cool Running:

Marathon Guide:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Open Thread (and thanks!)

For a variety of reasons, I wasn't able to get the information on the Al Gordon 4 Miler onto the blog until this evening (something I'm not happy about, and am working on). What was gratifying is that I received both e-mails and blog comments about the change to a fun run. People are reading this blog, which is wonderful, and I thank everyone for that.

One of the traditions that I've seen among my fellow bloggers is the concept of an "open thread," where people raise issues for discussion and then comment back and forth. I realize it will take some time to get things rolling, but obviously that's not an obstacle. As always, please keep comments civil. I'll repeat the open thread posts every so often, trying to fill in the gap when I'm unable to post (or don't have anything to offer). So, without further ado, the thread is open for comment.

Now Just Run 8 to Qualify ... Al Gordon's a Fun Run

The Al Gordon 4-Miler is a fun run because of the weather. Note if you've signed up, you don't have to run, and you still get the notch as a qualifier ... Also note, if you do run on Saturday, the men and women's runs have been combined and will start at 9:30 a.m.

From NYRR:

"Due to unsafe road conditions resulting from inclement weather, the NYRR Al Gordon Snowflake 4-Mile has been designated a fun run. Men and women will start together at 9:30 a.m.; there will not be a separate men's start at 8:00 a.m. The race will not be scored and will not be a points race for NYRR team competition. Registered entrants will receive credit for one of the nine races that are part of the eligibility requirements for guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2009."

Snow at Al Gordon Snowflake?

Weather reports indicate there might be some lingering flurries for tomorrow's Al Gordon 4 Miler, though it all depends how fast the storm moves through the area. The main problem most likely will be if this turns to rain (expected) and then freezes overnight (quite possible).

That said, NYRR says updates about the race will be posted on its Web site. Also, please note: Men's race goes off at 8 a.m., women's race goes off at 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seeded Corrals at NYRR Races

In an attempt, no doubt, to ease the overcrowding at races in Central Park, NYRR is introducing seeded corrals for many of its races. The following is posted on its Web site:

"To ease congestion and provide a safe and enjoyable race-day experience for all participants, NYRR will be instituting seeded corrals at all its races beginning with the adidas Run for the Parks on April 20. When registering, runners will be asked to provide their estimated pace per mile for assignment to a start corral. Please provide this information where indicated. Runners who do not provide an estimated pace will be assigned to a start corral by NYRR. Please stayed tuned for more information as we get closer to April 20."

Essentially, this is an attempt to mandate that people get in line where they are supposed to be. And, maybe, the NYRR won't get as much grief from the folk in Central Park who have complained about the races spilling out into all lanes and obstructing other users.

Will it work? The fastest runners already got a chance to start the race at the front. The midpack fast runners (i.e. between 65 to 75 percent age-graded percentage) may also benefit. Stay tuned ...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let the Games Begin

That is, the NYRR Marathon application process ... of course, getting it in early doesn't mean anything, but online application for this year's marathon are available beginning Feb. 25.

A Rare X/C Appearance on TV

According to the USATF:

"The 2008 USA Cross Country Championships will be televised in association with the AT&T USA Indoor Track & Field Championships February 24, from 5-7 p.m. on ESPN 2."

Dathan Ritzenhein and Shalene Flanagan ran away with the main championships, though perhaps we'll see snippets of some of the other races, which were held in San Diego.

And yes, the indoor competition will be awesome to see as well.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cherry Tree Results Posted

Results for Saturday's Cherry Tree 10-mile race and relay race have been posted on the PPTC Web site.

Run 9 Races, and Volunteer for 1

The New York Road Runners has implemented a new requirement for those folk seeking to gain entry to the NYC Marathon by running nine qualifying races the previous year.

Now, along with the nine Q races and NYRR membership, you also need to volunteer for one.

As the club says on its Web site:

"The volunteer requirement was initiated in 2008 to support NYRR’s community service mission and our goal of encouraging volunteerism among our members. In addition, adding to our corps of race volunteers will help NYRR meet the NYC Parks and Recreation Department requirement to ensure a safe and cooperative race environment at the more than 50 events NYRR stages each year."

Be interesting to see how the running community feels about the mandatory volunteering (mandatory if you want to use the Q races as a way to get in).

Gayle White Wins Myrtle Beach!

An awesome result (and a little bittersweet, since she was a minute shy of qualifying for the Olympic Trials in Boston in April.). I've been fortunate enough to train with her a few times in Prospect and Central parks - congratulations!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dates for PPTC Speed Series

Among the numerous things you could get as freebies at today's Cherry Tree 10 miler/relay in Prospect Park (including a nice technical shirt and a pack of ClifShots): the dates for the PPTC Speed Series this summer.

Each race is 5K, and is low-key: No prizes, no T-shirts, just an opportunity to run a race during a summer evening. Cost is $5 a race, at the Oriental Pavilion (East Drive, near Lincoln Road), race time around 7 p.m. (depending on when they close the park to vehicles and the occasional summer thunderstorm), on alternate Wednesday evenings. Without further ado:

May 21
June 4
June 18
July 2
July 16
July 30
Aug. 13
Aug. 27

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Article on Cramping

The New York Times today has this interesting article on cramping. What puzzles me is the stat they use that 39 percent of marathon runners have experienced cramps, which seems remarkably low given the pounding that muscles take during the race.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's 5K Results

Results from today's Valentine's Day 5K in Prospect Park, sponsored by Brooklyn Road Runners and Slope Sports, are here.

Results from last weekend's Everything But the Kitchen Sink cross-country run in the park are here.

Bronx Half Results Are Up

Jennifer Busse, from the Central Park Track Club, was the top Brooklyn female *and* the top woman overall at today's Bronx Half, crossing the line in 1:24:52. Jacob Cooper was the top Brooklyn male at with a 1:15:59. For anyone reading this - how was the wind on the Grand Concourse?

Park Slope Y and Armory

The Park Slope YMCA is one of two bidders making a run for the Eighth Avenue Armory, according this article in the Brooklyn Papers. Elsewhere, the Brooklyn Courier Life papers have a nice piece on local athletes in the Millrose Games, though I can't find it on their Web site yet (it's on page 37 in the Brooklyn Heights edition.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bronx Half Travel Alert

In case you were looking forward to more travel hassles as you make the hour-plus long trek to the Bronx Half on Sunday, note that you'll have to transfer at 125th Street if you're taking the 4 train. One would hope the transition would be seamless ... but it's Sunday morning. The trains do tend to run on schedule, though they are fewer and far between.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

NYRR Club Points Races

This list is posted on the Mercury Masters Web site (not yet available on the NYRR site), but based on past club points race schedules, it would seem to be accurate.

Note they've abandoned the idea of using one of the fall X/C races as a club points race.

First one is later this month, the Al Gordon Snowflake 4M, and then a 15K two weeks later. The Brooklyn Half is on the schedule as well. To avoid the inevitable crowding, there are separate men's and women's races.

2008 Club Points Races

Saturday, Feb. 23: NYRR Al Gordon Snowflake 4M

Sunday, March 9: New York Colon Cancer Challenge 15K

Sunday, April 13: Run As One, TGL Classic 4M

Saturday, April 26: NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix: Brooklyn

Saturday, May 17: Healthy Kidney 10K

Saturday, June 7: NYRR New York Mini 10K (women only)

Sunday, June 15: WABC Father’s Day Fight Against Prostate Cancer 5M (men only)

Saturday, July 19: CPC Run for Central Park 4M

Saturday, Aug. 16: NYRR Team Championships 5M (double points race)

Saturday, Sept. 6: Fitness Magazine Mind, Body, Spirit Games 4M

Saturday, Oct. 4: Norwegian Festival Grete’s Great Gallop 13.1M

Sunday, Nov. 2: ING New York City Marathon

Sunday, Dec. 7: NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K

February Races

Here's a list of February Road Races, culled from a variety of sources. Please e-mail me at if there are additions and corrections:

Feb. 5: Empire State Building Run-Up, Manhattan

Feb. 9: City of Long Beach Snowflake 4 Mile Run, Long Island

Feb. 10: Browning Ross Winter Series 5K, Glassboro, NJ

Feb. 10: Valentine’s Day 5K, Prospect Park

Feb. 10: Bronx Half Marathon, Bronx

Feb. 14: NYRR Thursday Night at the Races, Armory

Feb. 16: Cherry Tree 10 Miler or 3 Person Relay, Prospect Park

Feb. 17: Browning Ross Winter Series 5K, Glassboro, NJ

Feb. 23: Al Gordon Snowflake 4 Mile, Central Park

Feb. 24: North Fork Bank Trail Relay, Bethpage, NY (LIsland)

Feb. 24: Browning Ross Winter Series 5K, Glassboro, NJ

Feb. 24: Glassboro 10M, Glassboro, NJ

Feb. 28: NYRR Thursday Night at the Races, Armory

Feb. 29: Midnight 5K Run, Long Island

New York Marathon Information

NYRR has posted information about getting into the 2008 NYC Marathon on its Web site.

Some dates to keep in mind:

- Feb. 25: Online applications available
- Mid-March: Print applications available
- May 1: Deadline for people with *guaranteed* entry to apply
- June 1: Deadline for U.S. residents to apply
- Mid-June: Lottery held

There are details about the various ways to get into the race, including being a member of a charity team, running the nine qualifying races (remember, you must be a NYRR member to take this option) or running fast qualifying times. (An aside here, it looks like some of them have been adjusted - before, you had to run a 1:28 as a 40+ masters male for a half marathon, and that's been boosted to 1:30)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Running" TV Show on YES Network

Here's a link to the February schedule of the "Running" show that appears on the YES Network, courtesy of Race Results Weekly.

Greenwood Cemetery Route

Here's a nice eight-mile jaunt that includes Prospect Park, gets you out on the streets, yet doesn't include a lot of stop and go because of street traffic.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Millrose Games Wanamaker Mile

Growing up in Boston, I had the chance to the see the Millrose Games on TV when they happened. That meant being able to watch the Wanamaker Mile, and the Chairman of the Boards, Eamonn Coghlan, racing and winning.

These days, unless you're there at the event, you have to wait to see it on tape delay. So, if you're recovering from your morning run, NBC has it on tape delay at 2:30 p.m. One can only hope that live viewing of track events in the U.S. becomes more commonplace.

(An option, though unfortunately not for tonight, is WCSN where you can watch a lot of track events.)

UPDATE: Feb. 2, 2:50 p.m. Apologies, the Millrose tape-delay starts at 3 p.m. today. I must have looked at an old USATF schedule that popped up on Google - should have doublechecked it with the WNBC TV listing.