Thursday, August 23, 2012

No-Baggage Policy at NYC Marathon? No Joke.

OK, admittedly, I'm on vacation, and it's taking the coffee a little while to kick in, but just stumbled across this, which is already making waves across the NYC running community.  This for the 2012 NYC Marathon.

For 2012, under a new policy designed to ease finish-line congestion, runners will no longer check baggage at the start of the race, and there will be no baggage retrieval after the finish.
Our primary objective is to provide our runners with the safest and best possible race-day experience. We have received overwhelming feedback from our runners about the need to address the issue of post-race congestion and waiting time to exit Central Park. In response, and in close consultation with New York City agencies, the new No-Baggage Policy was developed over several years to provide a better and safer post-finish experience.
In order to minimize inconvenience to our runners, NYRR has invested in a number of enhancements, including:
  • The Marathon Finish Line Poncho, a water-repellent, hooded, and fleece-lined garment to be handed out to every finisher
  • Establishing NYRR "Call Home" stations at the start and post-finish so runners can communicate with friends and family
  • A new and improved Family Reunion area near the runner exit
  • Increasing the number of wave starts from three to four to reduce runner density along the course and at the finish line.

The ostensible reason is to ease post-race congestion in Central Park. But ... you've got to be kidding me.

*If you're traveling from out of town, now you're going to bring clothes specifically to throw away at the start of the race
*And you have to have clothes - Staten Island can be cold/rainy and you're sitting around for hours already
*What about those of us who like a little music to pre-psych up your running muscles? Now you have run with it.
*Umm, was the weekend before last year's race that NYC was hit by a freak snowstorm?
*Keys? Train passes? Money?

The Facebook posts are hilarious at this point (and mostly bitter), though there are a few supporters:

One of the worst ideas ever. A lot of the runners doesn't came from Manhattan and they have to return without opportunity to change shoes or clothes. 

RIDICULOUS! I am supposed to finish 26.2 then get on the train back to Jersey freezing my butt off? This is what I waited 3 years for?

LOL nyrr, LOL. I try and give constructive feedback to your common mistakes but this time I just can't. I am SO glad I'm not running this year and this seriously makes me wonder if I ever will again.

Buy stock in the company that makes Spibelt now!

Also, just from a business standpoint, the time to tell us about decreased services is BEFORE 45,000 people have paid their non-refundable entry fee of nearly $200.

(BTW, note that there are now four wave starts - that may have already been in place).

The full post is here:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Battle of Brooklyn Results

10-mile race results here

10-mile relay results here

Friday, August 10, 2012

Reminder: Sunday AM Run Should Start at 9am

Why? Because the Olympic men's marathon starts at 6am. So load up on coffee and get ready to see if Ryan Hall truly has a chance.  (Yeah, you'll have to cope with the heat a bit later in the morning. Deal with it :-))

(Yes, you can go ridiculously early and just watch the second half of the race .. but ...)

Anyone know of a bar ... er I mean breakfast place that's deliberately showcasing the race as an enticement?

Swim Portion of NYC Triathlon is On

Sewage? What sewage?

Fears that the swim portion of the NYC Ironman Triathlon would be canceled because of a sewage discharge in the Hudson apparently have been assuaged.

Notes this article on

" Organizers for the 140.6-mile (226-kilometer) race, which combines swimming, cycling and running, said the Hudson River passed a water quality test after an overnight discharge of 3.4 million gallons of chlorinated raw sewage. "

Good luck everyone who is participating. Gonna be humid out there tomorrow - and definitely potential of some thundershowers, so above all, play it safe.

Summer Streets the Next Two Saturdays

Those looking for a chance to run in Manhattan and avoid the cars - take advantage of the Summer Streets program that goes on for the next two Saturdays, Aug. 11 and 18.

Cruise from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park (or vice versa) along Lafayette and Park. Great opportunity to try a different running route (and go early enough to avoid those dreaded walkers ... of course, you could be a walker yourself, so disregard that comment a second ago :-))