Monday, June 30, 2008

New New England Runner Web Site

Hey, New England Runner (which pays lip service to some New York state races) just launched a new Web site. Definitely worth checking out - it's the running magazine I grew up with in Boston and I've always appreciated the local color and commentary about the entire running scene.

Hey, maybe we should have something like that in New York that looks at all the clubs and races ...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Upcoming Races in July

Here's a look at the races in the Greater New York area in July. This list includes races in New Jersey and Long Island (figuring many of us will be traveling and may want a summer diversion). At the bottom is a link to a Connecticut race calendar - hey, why recreate ... Some caveats apply: I'm relying on a lot of different sources for this, so the information may be incorrect or have been updated after I've posted the link (so please check). I can also pretty much guarantee that I've missed some local races, so please e-mail me with additional stuff.

July 1: Fort Hamilton Speed Series (5K), Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

July 2: Al Goldstein Speed Series (5K), Prospect Park

July 3: VCTC Summer 5K Cross-Country, Van Cortlandt Park

July 4: Pepper Martin Memorial Run (5 Miles), Staten Island

July 4: Firecracker 4 (5 Miles), Cranford, NJ

July 4: Shoreham Wading River Race, Shoreham, LI

July 4: Bellmore Striders Ind’ence Day Race (4M), Bellmore, LI

July 4; 9/11 Tribute 5K Run, Glen Rock, NJ

July 6: Southhampton Firecracker 8K, Southhampton, LI

July 6: Massapequa Firecracker 5K, Massapequa, LI

July 7: State Parks Summer Series Run, Robert Moses State Park, LI

July 8: Fort Hamilton Speed Series (5K), Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn,

July 10: Lawyers for Kids 5K, Morris Township, NJ

July 12: New York Park to Park (10K), Central Park

July 12: Ladder 5 5K Trail Run, Staten Island

July 12: 5K Run for the Animals, Kings Park, LI,

July 13: Amber Pizzo Memorial 5K, Berkeley Heights, NJ

July 13: Heart & Sole 5K, Plainview, LI

July 13: Bellport Clipper Classic, Bellport, LI

July 14: State Parks Summer Series Run, Hempstead Lake State Park, LI

July 15: Fort Hamilton Speed Series (5K), Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

July 15: Party With Purpose (5K), Hoboken, NJ

July 16: Al Goldstein Speed Series (5K), Prospect Park

July 17: VCTC Summer 5K Cross-Country, Van Cortlandt Park

July 19: Run for Central Park (4 Miles), Central Park

July 19: Teterboro Airport 5K, Teterboro, NJ

July 19: Packanack Day 5K, Wayne, NJ

July 19: Arrow Exterminating LI Women’s 5K, Farmingdale, LI

July 20: Thunder Run 5K, Hauppage, LI

July 20: Twi-Light Trot, Patchogue, LI

July 21: State Parks Summer Series Run, Belmont Lake Park, LI

July 22: Fort Hamilton Speed Series (5K), Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

July 23: Downtown Westfield 5K, Westfield, NJ

July 27: NYC Half Marathon (13.1 Miles), Central Park/Manhattan

July 27: At Your Service Run for Cystic Fibrosis, Long Island

July 28: State Parks Summer Series Run, Caumsett State Park, LI

July 29: Fort Hamilton Speed Series (5K), Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

July 30: Al Goldstein Speed Series (5K), Prospect Park

July 31: VCTC Summer 5K Cross-Country, Van Cortlandt Park

For Connecticut Races, go here:

Prospect Park Running Booklet

There's a new booklet out that may help people figure out training routes in Prospect Park.

"Long Distance Running Routes in Prospect Park, Brooklyn" by Robert Matson, a.k.a. "The Little Book" is a series of maps for distances of 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles, 6 miles...through 20 miles.

And, the great thing about it - it's not just an outer loop over, and over, and over, and over ...

According to an e-mail I got from Matson, he created the book to help train for the marathon and get accurate measurements depending on the distance needed. It also includes elevations, so you can get a sense of the amount of hills you've climbed (or descended).

"The snakey routes kept things interesting -- there was always another challenging hill or
pleasant change of scenery,'' Matson wrote. "And the routes gave me the chance to appreciate Prospect Park in a new way. It is truly a beautiful park and these routes take you through all of it, giving you the park's exquisite site lines from every direction and angle.''

The booklet is available at JackRabbit Sports (in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at 151 7th Avenue (between Carroll St. and Garfield Pl.) and in Manhattan at 42 West 14th St (between 5th and 6th Aves).

Waterfalls, Part Two

As mentioned earlier, I was with a group that went over the Brooklyn Bridge today, in part because we wanted to work in a run that allowed us to see the NYC Waterfalls. We took Remsen Street to approach the southern end of the Promenade - a photo of the back of the waterfall (admittedly not that impressive) and a glimpse of the waterfall on Governor's Island (look hard at the left hand side), is here. I'm told, though haven't yet seen, that's it's a lot more impressive at night.

FRNY Lesbian & Gay Pride Run Results Are Up

NYRR has posted the results from today's FRNY Lesbian & Gay Pride Run. 3,095 runners finished the 5-mile course. Top Brooklyn male was Oleksamdr Holovnytskyy, with a 24:47, good enough for sixth overall. Anke Roggenbuck was the first Brooklyn female, with a 39:18.

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

-- I was walking toward the water fountain this morning at Prospect Park (the one near the Grand Army Plaza entrance, under the trees) when I heard this squishing sound. Looking down, thinking perhaps I'd stepped in something unpleasant, I realized that, no, in fact the combination of sweat and water I dumped upon myself during the preceding 13 mile run had led to the condition known as "squishy foot." As aggravating as it was, when I got home, I discovered that I'd lost only about 1 pound during the run, which meant that for a change, I did a good job staying hydrated.

Folk, it's hot out there. Make sure you're using plenty of sunscreen and are carrying or have access to plenty of water. During the first part of my run today, I was with a group that at one point went over the Brooklyn Bridge, where sadly there was no wind today. You could just feel the group wilting as the humidity started to take hold (and we left at 7 a.m.). If you're doing something long, run smart. Don't try to get that 13 mile run in if you're body is telling you otherwise (and if you're going long, make sure you've got some way of getting those electrolytes - I use Clif Shot Bloks, which have the texture of, well, not something pleasant, but they work well and you should be able to get them at your favorite running store.)

-- What are you capable of, if an Olympic berth is on the line? Can you find some extra gear, something that can add the necessary speed to get across the line in time? Amy Begley did, as seen here in this morning's NYT article (not in the paper). For Begley, it wasn't enough to finish third - she had to finish with a time below 31:45 to meet the qualifying standards. What's just as gratifying as the race results is the crowd at Hayward Field knew exactly what was at stake and knew what she needed to do. Here's another angle.

-- I need to figure out some way to stay up and watch the Trials (yes I know, I could Tivo, but I hate doing that for sporting events - I'm such a news hound that I'll look for the results beforehand.) At least they are on at 8 p.m. tonight. The headline event is the women's 100 meters.

-- Remember, the Cosme 5K is tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. on Coney Island. (Oooh, it's going to be hot.) For those who want more info, the Richmond Rockets provided a link to the application (scroll down a bit).

Friday, June 27, 2008

Waterfalls Art Project

For those of you who want to see the New York "Waterfalls" while out on a run, it's very simple to do so. There's one located on Governor's Island, one on the Brooklyn waterfront directly opposite the southern end of the Promenade (by Remsen Street), one under the Brooklyn Bridge, and one in Manhattan that can be seen from park in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

So, incorporate a run that includes the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and goes along the water in Dumbo.

Here's a map (I need to figure out how to add icons), but at least here's the run.

Olympic Track Trials Start Today

Here's the meet schedule and the TV schedule. A lot of it is late night rehash, but a few days in prime time (as the Let's Run article notes, swimming is getting the better slots).

Running Off the Trail in Central Park

The New York Times yesterday had an article talking about the wonders of running in Central Park in places other than the 6 mile loop. Some ideas are included.

Same goes for Prospect Park, by the way. When was the last time you ran somewhere other than the park loop or on the transverses?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Local Running Forum

A new message board is being started at The goal is to try to bring together New York runners to discuss anything running related, whether it's events in the Bronx, or training for a half marathon.

Sounds like a great idea - the more people we have talking about running the better, especially as we try to identify the best places and races to run. Not a lot of posts now, but worth bookmarking as it gains some critical mass.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Remaining NYC Marathon Qualifying Races

For those of you who are thinking about qualifying for the NYC Marathon next year (and need to run qualifying races to do it), here's a handy look at the remaining races on the schedule. Remember, everything is subject to change, and you need to volunteer at a race this year as well. In a few cases, there's a TBA listed - it's likely the distance will be the same as last year, but ...

June 28 FRNY Lesbian and Gay Pride Run (5 Miles)
July 12 NY Park to Park (10K)
July 19 Run for Central Park (4 Miles)
July 27 NYC Half Marathon/Nike (13.1 Miles)
Aug. 16 NYRR Team Championships (5 Miles)
Sept. 6 Fitness Mind, Body, Spirit (TBA)
Sept. 14 Queen’s Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)
Sept. 21 Fifth Avenue Mile (1 Mile)
Sept. 28 Marathon Tune-Up (TBA)
Oct. 4 Norwegian Marathon Festival (TBA/13.1 Miles)
Oct. 12 Staten Island Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)
Oct. 26 Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff (TBA)
Nov. 2 NYC Marathon (26.2 Miles)
Nov. 16 Race to Deliver (TBA)
Dec. 7 Joe Kleinerman 10K (10K)
Dec. 13 Holiday 4 Miler (4 Miles)
Dec. 20 Hot Chocolate 15K (15K)

Queens Half Scheduled

With minimal fanfare, the Queens Half has been added to the NYRR scheduled - it now takes place on Sept. 14, the same weekend as the scheduled NYRR Long Distance training run.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Best Site for Olympic Coverage

I've been poking around for a bit, and consistently come back to this site: Let's Run will be the best place you'll find the commentary that will evaluate what's going on, even though you'll get sucked into the NBC site for video. They link both the news, which a lot of places do, but the message boards are invaluable: You may not agree with the comments, but they are filled with people who are seeking to attain the top. It's also a great place to understand the various debates (including the ongoing presence of drugs in this sport).

A reminder: US Olympic Trials start later this month and continue into July. Worth making time to watch.


Apologies for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks - work, family, work, a Father's Day gift of a bad cold, and work have conspired to limit outside activities -- including even running (before yesterday, only twice in 10 days, and one of those was at the ultra-crowded JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge!)

A bit of a breather coming up - I'll get some notes about upcoming July races and other goings on in the next couple of days.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exploring Brooklyn

OK. Am preparing a run with some colleagues that will entail 7-8 miles (perfectly acceptable in the early morning before the day became simply oppressive) when a splinter group forms and suggests we go running from Prospect Park out to the Shore Road Parkway.

Brandishing my single water bottle, I ask, "Is there enough water?" (Key point one: Bring enough water). "Sure." I'm told.

Seven miles into the run ... ehh, maybe not. (But then we hit the park, and all was good. Except the temperature, which was now into the mid-80s).

Anyway, the run out toward the Verrazano Bridge was a pleasure for the most part, and took me out a long a route that I hadn't taken. The key here -- rather than just slogging down 4th Ave, we hugged the permiters of the Greenwood Cemetery and stayed on 5th Ave (which had Sunset Hill, which I wasn't as thrilled by) before heading down Bay Ridge Ave to the pier.

Then it was along the water before we turned around and headed back through Shore Road and Owl's Head Park (and found this wonderful three-sprinkler park, perfect on this scorching day).

To be fair, there are plenty of places to buy water along the run (though I'd recommend porting your own). And the parks do have water fountains and even a bathroom.

It's also good prep work for the inevitable Shore Road/Coney Island loop, which will be part of my marathon training this year.

A map (roughly drawn) is below:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Is Here!

Friday will still be balmy, but get ready for four straight days of 90 degree temperatures! How about a run to Coney Island and a dip in the water! Get those long weekend runs in early in the day this weekend.

3000 in Brooklyn Bid for NYC Marathon

The New York Marathon entrants list is posted. Based on an examination of a portion of the list (and a little help from an Excel spreadsheet), I'd say that about 3,000 Brooklyn residents (give or take a couple of hundred) applied for this year's marathon (out of about 105,000 applicants).

So, how many people from Brooklyn got in the race? Many of those are probably running, given that many likely qualified using the nine local races. (And I'm sure some folk did the lottery). Well, of the 72 entrants from the Prospect Park Track Club, 54, or 25 percent, got in. Not all of them live in Brooklyn, and obviously there's a fair amount of possible error.

So let's say ... 2,000 people from Brooklyn are eligible to run this year's NYC Marathon. And of that total, figure attrition of about 25 percent (i.e. people who defer to next year, just don't run, etc.) Again, give or take a couple of hundred, that leaves about 1,500 who will be running. That's a lot of people to be cheering for in November!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NYC Marathon Lottery Results TODAY!!!!

The lottery is being held today for the NYC Marathon, with results to be posted by 11:59 p.m., according to the following notice on the NYRR Web site. Also keep an eye on your credit-card statement, because the charge may appear there *before* you see the lottery results.

"The lottery for the ING New York City Marathon will be run on Wednesday, June 4. The drawing will be conducted throughout the day with final results available by 11:59 p.m. Please note that runners will be charged their race fees immediately upon acceptance. In some cases, this charge may show up on your credit card statement before the results are updated in the Entrant Database."

Ice Baths or Energy Drinks?

How do you recover from a hard workout? This article in last weekend's New York Times Play magazine lays out some various options, arguing that replenishing the energy you've just drained from your 20-mile training run through food and drink is key (and ice baths, not so much).

Me, I go for the bottle of Nesquik low-fat chocolate milk - tastes good and much more enticing than climbing into a tub filled with ice cubes. But I know people who swear by the latter.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kenny Dolan 5K Results Posted

Click through on the race results link to find this year ...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Run for Brooklyn's Schools

Another June race to add to the calendar: The Brooklyn PTA is sponsoring a 5K race on June 13 (Friday evening) in Prospect Park at 7 p.m. (with registration beginning at 6 p.m.). Information is here.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Staten Island Half Schedule Change?

Again, this may have happened a while ago, though I'm just noticing this now. Was planning my fall race schedule and happened to go to the NYRR Calendar site to reconfirm the date of the Staten Island Half.

Lo and behold, the date has been moved and, rather than the weekend of Sept. 14, it's now the weekend of Oct. 12 (where it has usually been run). The Queens Half, which was tentatively on the schedule for August, isn't on the schedule right now.

Right now, that means it's the same weekend as the Westchester Half and Marathon, the Hartford Marathon and the Albany Marathon, giving runners plenty of options.

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Random thoughts this AM ...

-- Hope folk are able to get out to the Kenny Dolan 5K today -picture perfect day for a race in Prospect Park. The race starts on the downhill (near 15th and Prospect Park West), which raises the question - if you want to set a 5K PR, is it better to get the hill out of the way in the first 800 meters (a la the Al Goldstein Speed Series), or near mile 2 (as in today's race). My post high school/college PR was set at Kenny Dolan last year, but I'm not sold that it's the fastest way to do it.

-- Results from the first Al Goldstein 5K race from May 21 are posted here. There's another one coming up on Wednesday.

-- Note this comment at the tail-end of this article on the Marin Memorial Day 5K in California. Fifteen runners were disqualified for wearing headphones, per USATF rules.

-- 9.72. FASTEST 100 METERS EVER. I believe Usain Bolt's race, at last night's Reebok Grand Prix over at Icahn Stadium, will be shown on CBS this afternoon.

-- REMINDER. If you want to apply for the NYC Marathon lottery for this year's race, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY. Results out by Friday, June 6.

-- The NYRR Celebration Run, being held in the wee hours of the morning on June 4, is sold out. Great historical photo of founding member Ted Corbitt on the site.