Friday, April 30, 2010

Bike Lane on Prospect Park West?

Interesting piece here on the plans for a new bike lane on Prospect Park West that will allow bikers to travel north and south (with the idea of moving the cyclists off the sidewalk).

From the times I run on the outside of the park, it does seem there's occasional bike traffic heading toward Grand Army Plaza (and I certainly concede that you can't bike north, i.e. clockwise, in the park, without causing an accident). From a (selfish, myopic) running perspective, it hasn't seemed to be an issue - especially given that people do run both ways in the park.

Be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Cinco de Mayo This Weekend (May 2)

How quickly time flies!

The Cinco de Mayo 5K race is Sunday, start time is 11 a.m. Bartel Pritchard. No online registration it looks like.

One of many 5K opportunities in the park this year: Funny, no one wants to set up a race of the full loop and toss in that extra quarter mile (with the exception of club-oriented Harry's Handicap on Jan. 1 that's hosted by the PPTC)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trails and Poison Ivy

This ain't what you want to see after one of the funnest trail races of the year ... but yes, poison ivy looks like it hit the Urban Environmental Challenge this year. (Scratch, scratch, scratch)

Funny, this isn't an issue with the Empire State Building stair climb (though if there was greenery on the 87th floor, might add some excitement... )

The VCTC Web site, albeit from a *Bronx* club, is one of the best club Web sites I've seen ... and note, for those of you looking to get out of Central Park for a 10K, the Riverdale Ramble is Sunday, May 2 (note this isn't a fast course -- last year, three finishers broke 40 ... but it's a lot of fun)

More Half Marathon Results

... are here. Nice wet day for a couple of loops in Central Park - more than 6,300 finished.

Top Brooklyn finishers:

*Sarah Harney, 1:36:43
*Julia Hanna, 1:37:32
*Jamie Lee, 1:38:20
*Andrea Guzman: 1:42:06
*Erin Arnold: 1:42:10

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Big Thumbs Up

It's just a smidgen of an oasis in the big city ... fresh, clean, lush grass where you're free to walk around barefoot ... but right now, Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 1 offers that. Look at that grass! (Think barefoot strides ... you'll only have a few days on this before unmentionable start cropping up in the grass).

Finally had a chance to visit on a non-running trip (and will be incorporating it into some of my shorter runs in Dumbo/Brooklyn Heights as well) - very impressed from the limited stuff that's there.

If you don't mind backtracking a bit at times - it should be kind of fun. (I'd imagine the grass is going to be worn down fairly soon, given the likely overuse to occur). For now, though, it's brilliant. I'd imagine you can probably create a good half-mile loop by swinging back and forth -- I do think, esp. during the summer, pedestrian traffic will be a problem.

And just wait until the food and drink carts get put in place - what a way to finish up a run!

I didn't see any bathrooms there, though there's a suspicious looking building that may be for restrooms, and there are some PortaPotties across the street from the River Cafe (I'm sure that makes folk happy).

Eddie Owens: Tops in U.S. in Steeplechase

While I don't delve into high school running that often, this accomplishment can't go without a quick shout out:

Eddie Owens, who goes to Packer in Brooklyn Heights (and lives in the Heights as well, I believe), ran a 9:33.69 in the 3000 steeplechase last weekend at the New York Relays out at Icahn Stadium - the top time in the U.S. this year.

Simply awesome!

Local Finishers From Boston

Local finishers from Boston:

Real, Jorge Eliecer 39 M 2:23:08
Mulia, Adam 34 M 2:34:45
Paranya, Karl 34 M 2:37:58
Gatyas, Thomas P. 30 M 2:48:54
Horak, Steve 25 M 2:52:40
Weiner, George C. 27 M 2:53:21
Rodgers, Michael 34 M 2:56:02
Brady, Conor M. 28 M 2:56:57
Gray, James 33 M 2:57:27
Schoenfelder, Brian M. 31 M 2:58:53
Brown, Jason D. 33 M 2:59:42
Frey, Matthew D. 30 M 3:00:02
McCarthy, Bridget 30 F 3:01:06
Kourtchikov, Dmitriy 52 M 3:03:45
Decker, Matt 27 M 3:03:45
McGarrity, John P. 31 M 3:03:46
Nilsestuen, Benjamin 27 M 3:04:33
O'Brien, Christopher M. 40 M 3:04:48
Smith, Jesse S. 29 M 3:05:05
Wysocki, Michal 33 M POL 3:06:37
Bainbridge, Jay 47 M 3:07:59
Treglia, Dan 27 M 3:08:10
Dow, Mary 29 F 3:08:36
Kean, Seth M. 35 M 3:08:38
Blausey, Daniel D. 47 M 3:09:33
O'Rourke, Peter 22 M 3:09:34
Yozzo, Ralph 47 M 3:10:15
Lanham, Steven 36 M GBR 3:11:13
Lynch, Donald M. 42 M 3:13:58
Zambrano, Giancarlos 26 M 3:14:30
Beyer, Miriam K. 33 F 3:14:31
Levandoski, Kim 42 F 3:14:50
Smith, Jared 35 M 3:16:12
Roundell, James M. 32 M CAN 3:16:59
Lambert, Wade 49 M 3:17:51
Holl, Thomas F. 38 M 3:18:01
Phillips, Ryan 33 M 3:18:08
Raphaelito, Shaylynn 26 F 3:19:58
Kourtchikov, Mikita 20 M 3:20:00
Anderer, Carrie 26 F 3:20:44
Quarfordt, Erik 35 M 3:20:48
Anderer, Erich G. M.D. 34 M 3:22:31
Cohen Roy, Molly 31 F 3:23:33
Ottaviano, Joanne H. 37 F 3:25:33
Greviskes, Amber 26 F 3:25:53
Do, Minh 29 M 3:26:30
Hopard, Daniel S. 29 M 3:26:39
Hendryx, Tiffany C. 35 F 3:26:43
Roberts, Cherie 30 F 3:28:10
Stricker, Elizabeth 45 F 3:28:42
Ingberman, Adam 41 M 3:28:45
Raub, Emily 30 F 3:28:56
Remy, Steven P. 42 M 3:29:09
Ogrodowicz, Mark 52 M 3:29:42
Levy, Kristen N. 25 F 3:30:10
Mulia, Patricia 29 F 3:30:19
Daignault, Ronald M. 45 M 3:30:32
Pelletier, Elise N. 29 F 3:30:33
Oliner, Elizabeth J. 32 F 3:30:38
Dengate, Jeff 33 M 3:31:05
Reynolds, Meghan 32 F 3:33:42
O'Connor, Molly 28 F 3:34:05
Henning, April 28 F 3:34:06
Sheckell, Molly M. 30 F 3:34:51
Ripley, Ralph 50 M 3:35:13
Braun, Rhonda M. 26 F 3:35:47
Capolongo, Maria 32 F 3:36:21
Cooney, Eileen T. 27 F 3:36:27
Chafkin, Max 27 M 3:37:29
Burt, Rachel 30 F 3:38:24
Hernandez, Elias 30 M 3:39:09
Pratt, Rachel A. 45 F 3:39:51
Canal, Clare 30 F 3:40:28
Balaban, Malgorzata 33 F POL 3:40:52
Serpico, Rose Ann 40 F 3:40:55
Crowe, John 40 M NZL 3:42:25
Yu, Peter 66 M 3:42:54
Reiter, Lisa 35 F 3:42:59
Eng, Betty 39 F 3:43:40
Hobbs, Holly E. 30 F 3:44:59
Greenberg, Elyssa B. 29 F 3:46:02
Towle, Scott W. 32 M 3:47:25
Laboz, Adele S. 30 F 3:49:02
Creech, Griffin M. 33 M 3:49:03
McCusker, Anna J. 29 F 3:50:49
Hines, Angela M. 38 F 3:51:51
Climer, Kirsten 27 F 3:52:15
Campbell, Angela 29 F 3:52:36
Stephen, Laura C. 46 F 3:53:51
Yanek, Cheryl K. 30 F 3:54:42
Dussling, Lyndsey 29 F 3:57:16
Lewis, Larry D. 52 M 3:57:28
Henderson, Krissa A. 25 F 3:57:34
Mannino, Jo Ann 44 F 3:59:09
Lai, Huong 27 F 3:59:12
Mooser, Annie C. 27 F 4:01:57
Gasparino, Frank J. 50 M 4:03:38
Sutton, Robert E. 58 M 4:07:02
Long, Abigail 33 F 4:09:08
Leach, Hadley 39 F 4:14:31
Tobin, Sarah B. 49 F 4:16:03
Lombardi, Lorraine 48 F 4:17:02
Sklaren, Tyrone 62 M 4:17:34
Santoni, Lewis A. 51 M 4:17:43
Edwards, Lawrence J. 56 M 4:23:52
Grimaldi, James D. 32 M 5:02:45

Brooklyn Half: 4 Weeks to Go

Four weeks from now, many of you will be making the final preparations for the May 22 Brooklyn Half - a destination race for a lot of folk who wanted a great spring race to target. Some thoughts about what you should do in the coming days:

-- Know the course. While the final course hasn't been posted, it's likely the first half of the race will be some combination of loops within Prospect Park, following by a trip down Ocean Parkway and a finish on the boardwalk. While the park is probably part of your routine, Ocean Parkway may not be, and it's worth a trip down it.

From the base of the park to Coney Island, it's roughly 5.5 miles. There are grades of maybe 0.2% in a few places, but otherwise pretty flat. And it's mentally challenging, especially if you've never done it before, because as you start counting down the letters (Ave. C, Ave. F, Ave. M) it becomes almost mind numbing. So run it. Obviously, the traffic will be stopped during the race, so the training will be an exercise in frustration if a lot of cars, but it's still worth doing.

-- Pick a race two-three weeks out, preferably a 5-mile or 10K, and race your half-marathon pace at that distance. It's a) a great workout and b) gives you a sense of where you are in training. The Healthy Kidney on May 15 may be a little too close in time to do this (though I'm sure many of you, like myself, are running both races), but check out the Newport 10K in Jersey City on May 8 (also a very flat, fast course.)

-- By now, you've hopefully been building your mileage to at least 20-25 a week, and have a long run in there of at least 8 miles. Never fear if you haven't - there's still time - but if not, try to carve out runs of 8, 10, 11 miles (or more) in the next few weekends. Don't worry as much about time in these long runs, it's all about getting your body used to being on the road for that long.

-- Start get the cheering section in place. Invite your Manhattan friends who think Brooklyn is a foreign country out for a night on the town (not that Friday, of course), and tell them they should plan on a Coney Island brunch that day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Race for the Auto Music! 5K in June

Wanted to give a shout out to the race in June (given my poor showing in producing race calendars recently):

Automotive HS in Greenpoint is hosting a 5K run/walk on Saturday, June 12 at 9, with all proceeds going to support the school's music program. Details are here.

Worth a look, especially given the state budget crunch: A lot of schools are having to make some unfortunate choices, and music programs are certainly one of the things on the chopping block.

From the Web site:

"Auto Music has grown to include more students than any other club or sports team at the high school. Students and music ensembles have performed at countless community events, the Village Halloween Parade, Auto Varsity Football games, Wellesley College's annual Hip Hop Dance Convention, have been accepted to citywide honors music programs, acting programs at the Stella Adler School, and regularly audition for and have been chosen for paid acting parts in numerous films."

Boston Marathon Tomorrow

It's hard not to get a chill down your back when you think of the race - and I'm not even racing!

I know it's a media buildup, but it's also another Meb vs Ryan Hall race. One can only hope you get something even close to the Beardsley/Salazar race from 1982. (My guess - one of the two will be in the run for first, but there will be someone else pushing that person).

Good luck to everyone, particularly those from Brooklyn, who are participating. The race will be Universal Sports, with coverage starting at 9:30 a.m. both on TV and online.

And a reminder, for those who are thinking of qualifying for Boston 2011 - the race opens up in September, and given last year's early November closure, my guess it will close out in record time this year.

JFK Runway Run Results

are here ...

Some fast times on a windy day, especially with a different course (given that so many planes are grounded). Rebecca Rosenberg-Beran scorched to a 19:17 to be the top female finisher (and by default, top Brooklyn woman).

On the men's side, Garland Days clocked an 18:05, good enough for fourth overall.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

*The water fountain at Cadman Plaza nearest the Brooklyn Bridge is working. Very few others at some of the local parks are, however.

*The Central Park reservoir will be dedicated to Alberto Arroyo tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m.

*The main PPTC Web site now has a pretty decent calendar of upcoming races (scroll down a bit from the home page)

*Good tickets are still available for Usain Bolt's visit to New York at the Adidas Grand Prix on June 12

JFK Runway Run April 18

Personally, I think this race would be more interesting if you had to negotiate obstacles throughout the airport in order to catch a plane. Somehow, I don't see Homeland Security agreeing.

Nevertheless, the annual Runway run (complete with wind gusts) takes place April 18. On the plus side: It's pretty flat. And hey, Tara Costa, Biggest Loser finalist, will be on hand!

I don't immediately see the 2009 results posted on the site, but here's 2008 to get a sense of times and competition.

Run as One 4M

More than 6,700 finishers in today's Central Park race (contrast that with the 150 or so that finished the Urban Environmental Challenge in Van Cortlandt).

Orest Babyak was top Brooklyn male, and top 40+, scorching to a 20:58. On the women's side, Anna McCusker led the borough with a 26:03.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

90+Degrees! Where are the Water Fountains?

Lest I forget ... wow. Runners I talked to were either: Wow, it's great weather, or It's too hot ... I fell in the latter category.

Water fountains seem to be gradually turned on (at least one in Prospect Park, but none yet on the East Side in Manhattan). Any news?

80 tomorrow, and 60s in the forecast. Very "cool"

NYC Marathon Lottery Results

So, NYRR has held the lottery - you're either in, and perhaps celebrating (?) (!) at a NYRR lottery party tonight ... or maybe not.

120,000 applicants, according to this release ...

Plenty of other marathons this fall, BTW, so don't despair - check this listing out for other options.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scotland Run: 7,790 Finishers

Here's a good example of what happens when the weather is awesome and there doesn't appear to be a race cap: you get almost 8,000 finishers in a Central Park 10K

Jorge Elicer Real was Brooklyn's top male at the Scotland Run, blazing a 31:50. Lauren Perkins was the borough's top female with a 39:33.