Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Big Thumbs Up

It's just a smidgen of an oasis in the big city ... fresh, clean, lush grass where you're free to walk around barefoot ... but right now, Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 1 offers that. Look at that grass! (Think barefoot strides ... you'll only have a few days on this before unmentionable start cropping up in the grass).

Finally had a chance to visit on a non-running trip (and will be incorporating it into some of my shorter runs in Dumbo/Brooklyn Heights as well) - very impressed from the limited stuff that's there.

If you don't mind backtracking a bit at times - it should be kind of fun. (I'd imagine the grass is going to be worn down fairly soon, given the likely overuse to occur). For now, though, it's brilliant. I'd imagine you can probably create a good half-mile loop by swinging back and forth -- I do think, esp. during the summer, pedestrian traffic will be a problem.

And just wait until the food and drink carts get put in place - what a way to finish up a run!

I didn't see any bathrooms there, though there's a suspicious looking building that may be for restrooms, and there are some PortaPotties across the street from the River Cafe (I'm sure that makes folk happy).

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ChickenUnderwear said...

It is not a running place. It might be a place to start or finish. But running would be intrusive.