Saturday, February 11, 2012

Upcoming Local Races in Prospect Park

Plenty to talk about, but let's just focus on three, all in the local park.

Tomorrow (Sunday), the Valentine's Day 5K takes place, starting at Bartel Pritchard Square. Online registration has closed, but it looks like you can register on site for $30

Next Sunday is the annual Cherry Tree 3-person relay/10 mile run, sponsored by PPTC. Last I heard registration was filling up fast, tho keep an eye on the website

And finally the Al Gordon 4-mile run on Feb. 25 is nearing capacity, but slots are still open.

Brooklyn Half Registration *Not* on Monday

While most other NYRR races for April - June will open on Monday, the Brooklyn Half will not, according to a Facebook post from NYRR. And in fact the calendar (once you find it on the newly redesigned site) says that Brooklyn Half registration is "TBD"

Obviously things could change -- one plausible reason is that NYRR doesn't want to flood the site on that day (since most of us will be going just for that race.) The May 19 half is also a club points race, which means it's possible that members of clubs may get preference to enter? (That's just a guess though). Either way, stay vigilant.