Saturday, January 26, 2013

Manhattan Half Race Conditions Tomorrow

Gonna be cold (big surprise)

Weather in the 20s when race starts at 8am, with mild wind. Of course last year in was in the middle of a snowfall (a fun, non-timed race nonetheless), and who can forget the race a couple of years back where it was 12-14 degrees at start and the water cups were frozen?

Central Park was relatively clear when I was there earlier today - suspect some icy conditions in some parts, but the running lanes were pretty good at about 4pm - pretty dry.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Brooklyn Half May Be on Weekend of May 18-19

According to NYRR website, which has posted races for the rest of the year.  Everything tentative, though the weekend makes sense given past races.

Full event calendar here

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey There, Delilah

Probably one of the more unoriginal headlines ... but it helps to lead in to some quick comments ...

*NYRR has midnight run results posted. Only the truly elite are listed as part of this fun run ...  Winners were Chris Thompson (18:49) and Delilah DiCrescenzo (21:07).   No one from Brooklyn listed in the top 10 male or female

*Not seeing results yet from Prospect Park Track Club Harry's Handicap, though did see a few runners in the park this AM before the race.

*Speaking of which, registration is open for the Cherry Tree 10-Mile/Relay race

*The next NYRR race is the Joe Kleinerman 10K on Jan. 5.  Loop of Central Park, conditions looks to be chilly (30s) and dry.  Good way to get out there for a quick 6+ miles. Registration is open for a few more hours online - otherwise in-person is going to be the way to go.