Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Battery Park-Central Park 20-Miler

I was inspired by the article in the NYTimes last week about doing a full loop of Manhattan (32 miles). Not so inspired that I think I'm going to run that anytime soon ... however, for those of you looking to do a 20-miler, there's a relatively straightforward loop you can do within Manhattan.

The route below starts at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall (easily reachable by the 4/5), though it can be run from any part of the loop. Very simply, it hugs the water in the lower half of Manhattan, cuts across 59th St., does an almost full loop of Central Park (except for the southern section) and continues along 59th St. to the East Side. (Note, you have to stay on 1st Ave. to 34th St. at least - this route cuts over at 23rd for preference reasons (you pass two hospitals with bathrooms ... and if you need to collapse ... to be honest).

It's a bit more than 20, I think (this can be adjusted depending on where you start the run.). Plenty of water along the way, and it's a bit more diverse than running three loops in Central Park. It's also mostly flat (which is both good and bad), though you can plan for when you want to deal with the hills depending on the subway stop you get off.

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