Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekend Race Picks

There are plenty of options in the Greater New York area (including Long Island, NJ and CT): Here are three to consider as we dodge Hurricane Earl:

*9/4: Celic 4-Mile Run, Cloves Lake Park, Staten Island
There are still race-day entries available

*9/5: World Trade Center Run to Remember (5K), Governor's Island
Flat, fast loop + around Governors Island - note the Brooklyn ferry doesn't start running until 11, which is somewhat aggravating, so you have to head into Manhattan to get there.

*9/6: New Haven Road Race (5K, 20K), New Haven, CT
A bit of a travel, though if you're up for an early, early morning drive, I bet you won't hit any traffic on 95 … (hah). Race starts at 8:15. It's also the 20K U.S. Championships

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Chicken Underwear said...

and the notarace... "Manhattan Training Run"

Run from the Broadway Bridge to the Battery. It is nice to run "with" the police and not "away".

For the really ambitious you might still make it to the start of the World Trade Center Run to Remember.