Thursday, September 16, 2010

Races This Weekend

At 5 p.m., I'm sitting at work, debating a) run home; b) go to a bar for a goodbye party; c) head home to be with the family. The answer? c), which is why I'm still relatively dry (relatively, since I got off the subway and was confronted with a whiteout of rain and wind. Hope those runners who were out there didn't get too wet (drenched is a possibility) and managed to avoid the swirling debris and falling trees.

This weekend, what to do? Plenty of options:

On Saturday, Sept. 18, check out the Harlem Renaissance Road Race (5 miles). Don't go to the Dog Run Dog that was supposed to be in Prospect Park - the Web site says it's postponed to spring (dang, I wanted to meet Rufus, the Registration Dog)

Sunday's also got some options. The third leg of the Brooklyn Triple Crown - the Chris Hoban 5 miler, takes place in Bay Ridge. If you want something longer, check out the Yonkers Marathon and Half - I want to do this someday (and maybe I'll show up for the half). Then again, you can run 3 loops of Central Park (and pay for your efforts).

The PPTC main site (scroll down) as well as NYCRuns have plenty of others as well.

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