Monday, July 26, 2010

NYRR Long Run #1 Nears Capacity

The first NYRR long training run is nearing capacity, for those who are interested. The fee of $13 at this point gets you support and comraderie (you do get to meet a wide variety of people on these things and there are pace setters) for as many as 20 miles in Central Park.

There's part of me that says this is a rip-off, that you should easily be able to find running partners who can work with you for the long runs. But the reality is, sometimes supported runs like this are the perfect solution. (Plenty of local Brooklyn clubs have regular runs, though not always for those who are seeking to pull off the long 20).

Should you decide to duplicate the feat in Prospect Park, some thoughts:
*6 loops will give you 20. Alternate directions (trust me, this is a good idea).
*Try running "figure 8s" turning on to the upper loop drive (i.e. the first one you hit when you run from Grand Army Plaza), reversing direction when you get to the main drive, hitting the upper loop drive again, and reversing direction again to complete the 8. That's 4.5 miles (and running it four times isn't all that horrendous).

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Samantha said...

I don't understand the point of this at all. Why would you pay to run loops in Central Park??? Yes the money gives you water/gatorade, but there are water fountains in the park, and you can buy Gatorade along the way. 20 Miles all in Central Park, these people must be masochists.