Sunday, July 18, 2010

NYC Triathlon

Not a specific running post, though you've got to give kudos to everyone who was out in the sweltering heat for the NYC Tri. A NYT article points out that there were less hospitalizations than expected, though that in itself is a worrisome event. (Folk, 99% of us do this for fun, so please, please take precautions and run/race smart given the conditions).

Searchable results are here.

UPDATE: I confess I'm confused by the various categories that NYC Triathlon is offering (there's an Elite category that I didn't take into account) so ...

Top Brooklyn finishers include:

Chris Johnson (2:04:54)
Arthur Moore (2:09:53)

Here's part of my earlier post:

"(I think, if I didn't mess up my search criteria) was Dmitriy Kourtchikov, who finished in 2:12:36. Top Brooklyn female was Lauren Dewey in 2:26:06"

At this point ... not absolutely sure I've even got the top finishers. So, regardless - Brooklyn has got some great tri-competitors out there (thanks Jonathan for pointing out the earlier inconsistency)

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Jonathan Cane said...

Actually, I believe that Arthur (Terry) Moore, who raced in the Elite Amateur race was the top Brooklynite.

Always enjoy your blog.