Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Thoughts as the Temps Hit 90

Blech. Never like it when it gets this hot. Cranked out a few miles this morning, but am despairing about the remainder of the week; can only hope the overnight temps drop down somewhat. Either that, or it's on to the treadmill. Some thoughts from the weekend:

-- Had a chance to run down in Red Hook yesterday (in fact, was there for a second day in a row today after a trip to Fairway). It's been a while since I'd traipsed down some of the side streets. In this case, we darted back behind the IKEA, found some welcome sprinklers, and then stopped off at the track (more water). Not a lot of shade, but it broke up the routine that had increasingly included the Brooklyn Bridge.

-- There's a letter in the July/August issue of Running Times from Brooklyn's Mark Saxon, defending Scott Jurek (the article looked at both Jurek and Dean Karnazes). It's not online yet (and may not be), though one point Saxon raised seems to hit home: " ... I think Dean is great, and he inspired me and many people to go out there and do it, but let's give credit where credit is due: Scott is the real champion. It's not about stunts to keep you in the press; it's about the love of the sport."

-- Do you know who Chris Solinsky is? Think sub-13 5,000 meters. This is worth a read. One thing I love about this - he's 6'1" and 165 pounds (OK, he also runs 7 minutes faster than I do in the 5K). But there's hope.

-- There are 11 Bear Mountains in New York state alone, according to Wikipedia. But the one in Orange County is the one most of us know and love. Worth a trip to hike on the trails, swim in the lake - basically, get out of the city.

-- The Ladder 5 Cross Country Challenge takes place in Staten Island next weekend - worth a look if you can get out there.

-- Thinking about a fall marathon/half marathon? The latest issue of Marathon & Beyond highlights the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in early October. Very flat, good "no frills" Boston qualifier. And how can you beat the date? 10-10-10

Happy 4th everyone.

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