Monday, July 26, 2010

Queens vs Brooklyn

Wow. Guess they didn't need to worry about race overcrowding at Queens. (Wonder what would happens if they ran the race in the spring or the fall?). Heard reasonably good things about the course, nothing good about the weather.

The heat was a big factor - one wonders how many people simply stayed away. At the same time, the race date switch may have also caused people to change plans.

Some numbers to compare between Queens and Brooklyn in this year's half marathons

-- Queens: 86 degrees, 63% humidity, wind 12 mph
-- Brooklyn
: 58 Deg. 86% hum. wind 6 mph

-- Queens: 3,668
-- Brooklyn: 7,015

(When was the last time a NYRR half had this few finishers? I'm thinking there's a Manhattan Half on this list.)

# of finishers who broke 1:30
-- Queens: 67 (only two women)
-- Brooklyn: 280 (23 women)

Top Brooklyn male:
-- Queens: Jacob Cooper, 1:19:46
-- Brooklyn: Dirk Muench, 1:12:43

(For comparison: Cooper ran a 1:13:45 in Manhattan this year)

Top Brooklyn female:
-- Queens: Beth St. John, 1:35:07
-- Brooklyn: Kelly Chin, 1:19:51

Congrats to everyone who struggled through the sweatbath (my contribution on the day was to run 4 miles on the Brooklyn Bridge, and to die mightily in the final mile, so I got a small taste of who you all felt).

Did you run? Comment away ...


Chicken Underwear said...

I would not compare Queens to Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Half is a "destanation race", it comes with a lot of marketing and was part of opening the beach season at Coney Island.

The interesting number is 5,100. That is how many people finished Queens last year. That is a significant drop.

I know that I did not run it this year because it was in JULY.

sassafrasssls said...

Also, because it was in July, how many people just used it as a training run? I know that's what I did, as well as at least one other person that I know. That would contribute to the relatively slow times, as well.

Samantha said...

I didn't register/run it because it was in July as well. Instead I woke up at 6am and ran 7 miles, finishing right around the time the Queens Half started ;p

Anonymous said...

I knew it was gonna be hot but I wasn't prepared for it to be THIS HOT. I hydrated very well during the week and fueled properly. Still, at mile 8 I had signs of heath stroke (no sweat, chills, dizziness...) in the middle of a stretch with no shade. I slowed down and finished but for a while I was afraid everything would go black and I'd wake up in a stretcher or something. The course was a great improvement from last year. I'd love to do it again if NYRR was to move this race to the Fall or Spring.

Chicken Underwear said...



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