Friday, May 29, 2009

Stretch, Prep and Be Merry From a Running Standpoint

#1. With less than 27 hours to go, it's time to stretch, prep and be merry (from a runner's standpoint).

A gentle workout today should include some significant time stretching. And while you're doing this, take a deep breath and visualize the race course. By now, most of you have run in Prospect Park before (if you're like me, you have names, friendly or otherwise, for all the dips and rises). Think about how you want to feel as you're going up Zoo Hill or rounding the turn at Grand Army Plaza (and yeah, you get to do it twice.). Think about the (mostly) alphabetic nature of the Ocean Parkway streets (and don't think you're done with the Parkway when you hit Avenue Z).

Get everything pulled together for tomorrow's race - if you have a chance to pick up your number and chip today, all the better (note it's at the Liederkranz Club (6 East 87th Street). Pull out your clothes, your extra Gu, your Coppertone 50-proof sunscreen and all the accessories and stick them in a bag now (ideally in a place where your kids won't find them and start hiding stuff - nah, that never happens to me).

And be merry tonight. No, not a keg party. Eat your favorite dish, within reason. A nice bit of fresh pasta with a meaty sauce fits the bill for me, with a beer to help with the extra carbo-loading, of course.

It bears repeating, especially for those of you who are running a half marathon for the first time. This is fun. You've put in the miles, dedicated the time over the past few months to get in shape and run this. So go for it. Best of luck everyone.


Samantha said...

Again, thank you so much for writing these up, I've really enjoyed reading them. I did some stretching last night, and plan on trying to spend another 20 minutes tonight stretching and with the foam roller! I really like the idea of visualizing myself beating Zoo Hill once...AND FOR ALL!

Lizz said...

Ditto, this blog has been great and very comforting for me and my pre-race jitters (it's 6: 00 AM as I type this, so we will be pounding pavement in two hours! Ahhh!) Thanks. Best of luck.