Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brooklyn Half: Capped? Not Capped

Continuing my obsession, this is posted on the race description page for the Brooklyn Half (they pulled the reference to a capped race, BTW, on the NYRR Facebook page):

"To enhance the runner experience, and to better share Central Park with other park users, this race will be capped. NYRR will announce when registration has closed. Until that time, registration is available to all runners."

Obviously, Brooklyn's needs are still subservient to the minions in Central Park. Though one would think they would cap Brooklyn at 20,000 people to try to get folk *out* of Central Park on what probably will be a gorgeous pre-summer day. Ehh. I've signed up. Have you?

The Japan 4-Miler the following day, by the way, is capped, and the cap is approaching.

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