Friday, May 29, 2009

Find a Friend, Part 2

#2. Despite the rain trickling down my window as I write this, tomorrow still bodes well as a beautiful day to watch the race. And the way it's set up is geared for ultimate cheering potential - three times in Prospect Park, and then along the way on Ocean Parkway if you can jump onto the F (though we all know how uncooperative the subway - though in this case, it's above ground -- can be) on the way to Coney Island.

So, reach out to family and friends and invite them for a day in Brooklyn. Have them cheer you on during the day, and then grab a beer out at Coney Island after the race. (You're reading this at work - remember to print out the discount coupon from the NYRR Web site in case you get separated from your bib number).

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