Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deadline Reminders

May 1 (tomorrow) is the deadline to apply to the New York Marathon if you have a guaranteed entry (a slew of possibilities).

Also, May 1 at noon begins the opportunity to sign up for the NYC Half Marathon on Aug. 16. No pricing yet. I'm betting it's $90. Over? Under?

Could be under, given the Yankees are cutting their season ticket prices (or it could be the team they are fielding). I originally was thinking $100, but am hedging my bets. Still, most expensive half in the continental U.S.?

Check it out on the NYRR home page.

P.S. An interesting debate on the NYRR Facebook page about the More Marathon cancellation. In general, people think it was the right idea *but* think the timing of the decision to cancel was poorly handled given the weather forecasts.


Matt said...

I'm pretty sure the NYC Half will be $65 for NYRR members.

Samantha said...

The Half registration is a nightmare. Everyone is getting errors, though Ed claims if you've sent NYRR an email about your issue before registration closes, your spot will be "held" it's been over an hour and half and I am still waiting to hear back from 'reghelp"