Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Half in New York in 2010?

New England Runner has a following snippet in its e-mail newsletter, saying that U.S. Road Sports & Entertainment Group will expand their 13.1 marathon series to four new cities in 2010, including New York.

The link is to their Web site, which doesn't say anything (frustrating), but the group has worked with major race organizers in the past, so it's possible that some deal is in the works with the NYRR (and may involve the New York Half Marathon, formerly (currently?) sponsored by Nike. Admittedly, this is just speculation.

As for the Brooklyn Half ... was so tempted to put up an April Fool's item saying that NYRR had finally scheduled the race for March 30 so people would have an early spring half marathon to run. But then I saw Google, and realized their joke this year was a lot more fun (and this, and this - hopefully the links hold past midnight).

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