Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prospect Park 3rd St Entrance Shut to Vehicles

From the Brooklyn Community Board 6 Web site:

"The Department of Transportation has announced that effective Monday, April 27, 2009, Prospect Park Drive's entrance and exit at 3rd Street will be closed to vehicular traffic. This closure is being implemented in order to increase recreational opportunities in Prospect Park. "

Running in the park when there are cars around (early morning, early evening), is not so great to begin with, but exists as an -- at least at this point in time -- necessary evil. This is a nice step, however.

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Janet said...

They've also repainted the roadways in the vicinity of the 3rd St. entrance to reflect this, and the barriers are in concrete, not easily moveable.

Now what we need is a real education campaign for users and enforcers (police and Parks employees) as to who is supposed to be in what lanes when the roads are closed to traffic, which is 22 hours/day on the West Drive. There are green signs posted at a few spots but many runners, skaters, cyclists, police officers, and park employees still seem to believe that cyclists and in-line skaters should be riding in the lane where there's a bike painted.

A few Saturdays ago they had a table set up with palmcards for cyclists, runners and dog-walkers (i.e., how many dog owners know that a leash may be no longer than six feet?) indicating the various rules but the park is busy at all times.