Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brooklyn Takes the Bronx

Brooklyn's Helen Dole, a Prospect Park Track Club member, was the women's overall champion at today's Urban Environmental Challenge up at Van Cortlandt. Corre Kombol, also of the PPTC, was third. Full results from that race will be posted by Thursday, organizers say.

Results from today's Run for the Parks 4M are here. Of note, this race had 5,739 finishers, seemingly well beyond the 5,000 cap set for Central Park races.

Congrats to everyone who went out today and enjoyed some absolutely fantastic weather!


Corre Kombol said...

OMG, OMG...I got mentioned.

Janet said...

Perhaps fewer no-shows on a beautiful day. They acknowledged accepting 6,500 because they "know" how many people won't come, remember.
It took 8 minutes to get to the start and I wasn't even in the last corral.