Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brooklyn Half Registration Opens

Whoohoo! Brooklyn Half registration is open for ... May 30!

No course yet, but at least we have a date.


ChickenUnderwear said...

Mary W was at the Prospect Park Track Club meeting last night. She said the race would finish at the beach!

I like that NYRR website that says that there will be "Number Pickup... In Brooklyn, near the start". But does not say where the start is. Hey, Brooklyn is peaty big.

It is ok, some info is better than no info.

Samantha said...

End at the beach?!?! Oh man :( I really don't think I'll have the milage for it...but I want to run it :(

Brooklyn Runner said...

Am waiting until NYRR posts the course description, but suspect we're looking at some time in Prospect Park before heading out to Coney Island. Honestly can't imagine we'll be doing much, if anything on the boardwalk, simply for the safety reasons (not to mention, if we end out there at 10 - 11 a.m., a lot more people).

Janet said...

Is there more construction on the boardwalk this year than last, or is this just an acknowledgment that running on the poorly maintained boardwalk, as a large group at the start of a race or a tired, not really picking their feet up group at the end, is a safety hazard?

Samantha said...

No, there is a whole section of the boardwalk (where the bars are) that is undergoing renovation. Half of it is fenced off, making it near impossible to walk, let alone run by there.