Friday, April 3, 2009

Trail Race Sunday

Remember when you were younger, and it rained, and you delighted in going outside in your boots and jumping in the puddles?

Of course, some of us still do. :-)

I suspect there will be plenty of opportunity up at Van Cortlandt Park this weekend for the Urban Environmental Challenge 10K. Partly on the VC cross-country trails, but often plunging into the woods, it's a incredibly fun trail race. Fast times depend on the course conditions: if it's been arid, then you can blaze through the course. If it's been raining (like today's soaker and the rain forecast Saturday night), the course tends to ... well ... eat your shoes when you get stuck in the mu (though the Sunday forecast looks beautiful.)

It's a relatively small race (last year had 182 finishers), and a complete blast. Well worth the hourlong slog (or more) from Brooklyn.

For those of you who don't like being cold, wet and dirty (for you quite likely will be at least two of the three - something about trying to barrel down hills that have slippery rocks, roots and streams waiting at the bottom may be a factor), NYRR has a 4 mile race in Central Park Sunday as well. And no, it's not capped, at least of this writing.

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