Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why Do I Run?

Today's jaunt along the Shore Road Parkway was a perfect example of all the things I love about running:

-- Good mix of runners

-- Great running weather (if you like rain that is)

-- No pressure to perform - just a day to get a run in, regardless of the pace

-- Hot apple cider at the end

I know the mileage on the map says it was less than 13, though part of that is my inability to get the map to behave, and part of it is it doesn't reflect the ins and outs on the path in the parkland on the other side of the Parkway (if you want flat, straight, and great views, stay on the water side of the Parkway). I'd probably say today's run was about 13.5 miles.

It was fun to be reminded the joys of running in the pouring rain (oddly, as I write this, it's nice and sunny outside). But my last two runs - a 7.5 mile jaunt into the Thursday night drizzle and today's, have both left me looking for a towel when I got home. There's something so ... I don't know, peaceful, yet exhilarating, about getting absolutely hammered with the pouring rain and the wind, and then turning to the person next to you and seeing she's enjoying it just as much as you. It's also great to just be able to simply plow through foot-deep puddles because you have simply no choice (and you're already so wet that it doesn't matter).

One footnote about this run: Greenwood Cemetery is a great 3.5/4 mile loop that can be done on its own or as part of some running in Prospect Park.

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