Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

* For those of you who are inspired by the efforts of those running tomorrow: A reminder, there are four potential qualifying races left this year (you need nine), three of them in December. And you need to volunteer for a race as well.

* There are, of course, other ways to get into New York, many involving cash. A look at a possible new way ...

* Anyone want to take bets on what year full entry fees into New York will surpass $200? I'm betting 2010.

* They've started doing painting on the Brooklyn Bridge. Today and tomorrow, the bike lane was closed; would suspect that the running lane will "run" into problems in the next couple of weeks while the weather is still nice.

* Speaking of weather: Can you imagine what would have happened if the race was held this past Tuesday? What a mess.

* Applications for the PPTC Five-Mile Turkey Trot are kicking around - can do it via mail or online. Info is here. Worth signing up early - last year, the weather was great and generated more than 1,100 finishers, and a mob scene at the race day entry table. (Of course, there have been the 20 degree days as well). Put your marathon training to good use. ... and you can win a pie!

* You can tell the writers at the New York Times are running out of things to say about the marathon. Note today's top story ... and this quote regarding those who take the public option on the Verazzano ...

We don’t encourage that,” said Peter Ciaccia, the race’s technical director. “Especially on a windy day.”

* Amid all the slew of advice you're getting and having to process, remember two things:

-- You get an extra hour of sleep tonight.
-- Don't try anything new tomorrow. You've spent the last six months/year training for this thing - don't ruin it by introducing a new pair of shoes.

* For those of you trapped under a refrigerator, with only a TV remote to keep you company: The race will be broadcast on Channel 4 starting at 9 a.m. Hoping desperately that they keep the inane commentary to a minimum ...

* I'll do a separate entry on this later, but I'd love to here from people who run the race and have stories/experiences to tell. Feel free to e-mail me or simply respond to the appropriate blog post. Everything is fair game ....

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