Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Day Before

One of the notable things about going for a 9-10 miles run the day before the New York Marathon (smart only if you're not running it) is the things that occur:

-- Seeing runners in town for the race posing for pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge or the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

-- Seeing a decided drop in the number of runners on the roads (despite it being one of the finest days for running this fall

-- Making plans for the marathon-watching party (and handicapping your friends' chances, based on their training. Invariably, it's going to be a PR :-) as we cheer them on at Mile 9)

-- Feeling the aches and pains of the run reminding you why you're training faltered a bit, preventing you from this year's race.

Best of luck everyone who's participating in this year's race, or who has friends competing. It looks like it'll be a little cool in the morning, but could be almost perfect running conditions.

Oh, and before I forget, this week's running route - a simple run from Prospect Park over the Brooklyn Bridge and back, with a mild detour over to the Promenade. While the mileage here says 8.6, I'd guess it was a little bit more.

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