Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Evening

** I'm listening to the Boston-Montreal hockey game over the Internet, and trying to decide if it's more or less interesting than trying to watch the streaming video, with limited audio, from the Division III National X/C championships from earlier today. (I've got some NYU ties, so was hoping for the upset ... no luck ...) So far, the jury is out ... Hope the Div. 1 Nationals are better.

** If you haven't signed up for this Thursday's Turkey Trot in Prospect Park, don't wait until the last minute. Race applications are higher than ever, and it's possible that last year's record turnout will be threatened (meaning you show up, get into the race, but won't get the swag). Details here about how to sign up for the 5 mile race. (And hey, if you pick up your stuff at JackRabbit, support the local running community)

** PPTC has a link to some comments from the finisher's of the NYC Marathon earlier this month. If you download, note that it's an Excel file.

** Good luck to everyone running the Philly Marathon tomorrow. Hopefully, the colder temperatures won't affect the times too much (though have got to admit, my run this morning was curtailed because I just simply couldn't get my legs loosened up)

** Am hearing some rumblings that we *might* see more NYRR races outside of Central Park in 2009. This, obviously, would be dependent on a ton of factors - city permits, venues, etc. Worth keeping an eye on, especially if any come to Prospect Park or elsewhere in Brooklyn (hey, maybe a Red Hook track series?)

** Speaking of JackRabbit, some good and bad news. The good: they will have a huge post-Thanksgiving clearance sale. The bad: It's only at their Union Square location, according to the recent newsletter. Still, an opportunity for some cheap running stuff as we head into the dark days of winter (I need new tights, I realize).

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