Saturday, November 15, 2008

New York Relay Race in May 2009

Ever wanted to run relay races similar to Hood to Coast or Reach the Beach, but didn't want to travel to Oregon or New Hampshire?

A New York version will take place next May. 12 people running 178 miles over 36 legs (so each person runs 3 legs ranging from 3 to 8 miles each).

Details for the race, which runs from Woodstock to the Bronx, are here. It's part of the Ragnar Relay Series.

It's a little pricey: potentially more than $100 a person, and each New York-based team has to come up with three volunteers. However, having done Hood to Coast earlier this year, I can attest that these races are a blast. Ironically, the hardest part isn't necessarily the running, it's the logistics.

It's great to see the opportunities out there for people who want something different than the loops around Central or Prospect parks.

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That looks really interesting, thanks for posting.