Friday, November 21, 2008

PPTC Cherry Tree Race

Speaking of 2009 races, looks like the PPTC Cherry Tree Race will be held on Feb. 21 (3 loops of Prospect Park).

Various sites and groups are starting to post their races - don't expect that all of these are going to be set in stone, but it helps to get some planning in for your winter training.

** AN UPDATE. It's possible that Cherry Tree could be on Feb. 22, I'm told. So keep an eye out on the PPTC Web site for the schedule - more information may be available at next week's Turkey Trot **


Janet said...

NYRR also posted January, February and March, and it seems Cherry Tree and Snowflake 4-miler conflict. Wouldn't be a biggie if I hadn't already encouraged a new runner to do the latter.

Brooklyn Runner said...

They still may be the same weekend, but it's possible Cherry Tree could be on the 22nd. What's more fun? Loops in Prospect Park or Central Park?