Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the News

Some stories of interest that caught my eye ...

** A Morgans Hotel exec who uses New York City as his playground ... the workout routine is pretty impressive for someone who's working full-time (you may need to have WSJ registration).

** I forgot about this article, then remembered it when I, uhh, gently motioned with one of my hands at a car that cut me off on Union and Court (the great thing about it - you're already in your running gear if need be). Not sure we learn anything from it though: Runners. Cars. We don't like each other.

** A Brooklyn resident apparently wrote in to the "Ask Miles" column in Runner's World with the following question: "How should I react to rude comments? If I hear "Run, Forrest, run" one more time, I'm going to snap." (An aside, I haven't even heard that comment in the past decade ... ohh, where have you gone Tom Hanks.)

** Brooklyn's got a hockey team! (Note to self, if you're flipping off someone, make sure they aren't a member of our latest and greatest).

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