Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Blog Comments from the NY Marathon

From What You Don't Know Because You Are Not Me

"On Fifth Ave in Harlem I told the man at the water table that I was sick of Gatorade. I wanted a beer. He said he would get me a Coors Light. I told him I just ran 24 miles to get me a real fuckin beer."

From Skirting Marathons ...

"Only 6 days out from the race, I feel completely recovered and ready for another marathon tomorrow! Well... I may not run another race tomorrow, but I'll take my son out for a morning jog."

From Challenge Yourself

"The last time I was in New York was 25 years ago with some college buddies. I thought the traffic was the worst I had ever seen, drivers extremely rude, and the city was dirty. I did not feel safe walking downtown in the middle of the day. Now, in 2008 the traffic is still nasty - but there is less honking (I guess there is a law with a $350 fine). The people are friendlier and I felt completely safe walking the streets late into the evening. On to the marathon, or should I say the "Moving Sea of Humanity".

From Chiropractic San Diego (in case any of us are out there anytime soon):

"I started training back in late February, so it's been about 8 months. I logged 792 miles over that time (not including the race itself). It's always been a dream of mine to run the NYC Marathon."

And this blog is alleging someone cheated ...

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