Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Year's Lance Armstrong?

Two years ago, when Lance ran for the first time, the running community (OK, my small subsection of the running community) was outraged at the amount of attention being focused on some cycling guy, who wasn't even training properly.

Would be break 3 hours? I remember entering a pool, missing his time by at least 6 minutes (on the slower side).

It reminds me of the year that P Diddy ran (and in fact, I think I almost crossed paths with him that year ...). You get so focused on someone else, or maybe the media does, and then it snowballs. Ulimately, it comes down to the fact: the marathon is a goal distance and a goal race for a lot of people, and New York is one of those must-do races.

Last year, Katie Holmes was the focus. (err, maybe my focus.). This year ...

I'm not sensing any outrage or massive support for the "celebrity" racers this year. Brandi Chastain? Kerri Strug? Hope they do well.

As for the pros, you can pick how they do in this pool being run by the NYRR, with the winner getting a Toyota Prius. (An aside: Running? Betting? Maybe it'll make people pay enough attention to the best runners in the world). If Paula hadn't run Beijing, I'd like her to win again, but I'm wondering if she'll be recovered enough.