Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Week From Now ...

Many of you who read this blog will be sitting, hopefully relaxing, filled with somewhat nervous thoughts about the race the following day. You'll be thinking about the weather, how you'll handle the key points on the course, your start (I actually think the wave starts will make things go smoother, albeit completely muck up spectating plans), and how exhilarated you'll feel as you exit Central Park to run the final stretch on 59th Street (before heading back in).

So, for the next seven days, let me offer you advice, ideas, thoughts, mostly from other people as they get ready for the BIG RACE.

(An aside - every one of my friends who knows I'm a runner ask me if I'm running New York. Every year, without fail. It's what they know, not the cross-country slogs in Van Cortlandt or the countless of local races throughout the tri-state area. So, for all its problems and frustrations, let's give it it's due ...).

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