Saturday, October 4, 2008

Running Movies Out on DVD

Just in time for the holidays, two of the running-related releases during the past year are making their way onto DVD.

"Spirit of the Marathon," about runners at the Chicago Marathon is being released on Oct. 7 (in Chicago Marathon week to boot).

Not to be outdone, "Run for Your Life," the Fred Lebow biopic, comes out Oct. 28 (and there's that New York race the following weekend ... what was it called?)

Wasn't able to catch either of them at the various theater screenings, so am eager to see how they turned out -both got great reviews.

My favorite running move of all time remains "Chariots of Fire" - and am glad that you can see it on demand on Netflix now. (My wife cringes at the music.) And for all the wonderful scenes in the film, my favorite remains the closing credits, when they are running along the beach -- that, for me, captures what the essence of running is.

Your favorites? And why? (And don't be shy - we've got holiday gifts to think of ...)

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