Sunday, October 26, 2008

In the News

Some random musings from my survey of the news this morning ...

- Strange question in the FYI column this morning in the New York Times:

Will I lose more calories if I walk the 6.1-mile Central Park loop clockwise or counterclockwise?

The answer, according to NYRR is no difference. But somehow I think the question begs another couple: Which way is easier? And does it matter where you start?

Most of the time, if it's not a race, I start in the southern end of the park on the East Side, though I've started multiple different places and I'd be hard pressed to say which direction I've run more frequently. But mentally, I think running counter-clockwise is probably a tiny bit harder. It may have to do with Cat Hill (the steep hill coming up from the boathouse).

Anyone have a preference?

- The New York Observed column this morning is kind of quirky, about the nicknames one gives to familiar, yet unknown faces, one sees while running in Prospect Park.

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Laura said...

I usually start at 72nd on the west side and run clockwise, but I always feel like I'm running the wrong way when I do so. Home for me is in the 60s on the west side, so I like to head north first so I can't cheat and just do the shorter southern loop. Usually by the time I get to 72nd on the east side, I'm "in the zone" enough and have so little left to run that I don't take the 72nd St transverse to cut off the southern tip.