Monday, October 13, 2008

Other NY Marathon Bus

Just stumbled across this on the Brooklyn Road Runners Web site:

"For those of you who are running the NYC Marathon, BRRC will again this year, have a bus leaving from 15th st and PPW, at 6am. To reserve a spot on the bus, contact Steve Bonal at 917-238-9447. The fee is $20 for non-members, $10 for members."

For those of you (Brooklyn residents) who are taking a bus to the marathon, I'd urge you to consider the PPTC or BRRC buses if it will save you time and give you an extra hour of sleep before the race.

You will spend a few hours sitting around in Staten Island anyway, so this may make the journey and time spent before the marathon a little more palatable. Yes, you had to pay the money to NYRRC, but it's worth writing that off (and sending them a note about it).

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Janet said...

I stumbled upon this BRRC bus last year because they'd put up a notice in Jack Rabbit, and would highly recommend that any entrant who lives anywhere near BP Square acknowledge that the money extorted for the "official" bus is gone and take this one. You may get to the staging area a little later some other way, but the time will have been spent worrying about the subway schedules and pressing the flesh with everyone who also needs to get on the bus, be it at the library or the SI ferry terminal.