Sunday, October 26, 2008

Favorite 10 Mile (Plus) Runs

What a beautiful morning. If only New York was this weekend (OK, it would have been a little bit chilly at the start).

One of the laments I've heard from my running friends and colleagues is the difficulty in finding new routes. I've posted a few of them over time, but will readily admit this has been lacking.

So, without further ado, let's get going.

This morning's adventure is elegant in its simplicity, has a bathroom about 4 miles into the route and one at the end. Essentially, start on the southern end of the Brooklyn Promenade, make your way over the Brooklyn Bridge, head down to the East River and run along the path there until you reach the Williamsburg Bridge (if you go about 200 yards past it, there's a bathroom - albeit one that's a bit skeevy - and water fountain), head back over the bridge, and then hug the water as you return back to your starting point. (The second bathroom, which isn't labeled on this map, is at the Pierrepont playground, about 100 yards from the starting point).

Why I like it: the Williamsburg Bridge isn't crowded, and you have a steady 1.5 miles uphill (not steep), meaning you have to work it as you approach from the East River. It's also a fairly scenic route, with views from the bridges, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and runs through Williamsburg, Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights.

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