Saturday, October 4, 2008

Marathon Bus Reservations

For those of you running the NYC Marathon and not planning to trek into Manhattan for one of the NYRR buses (a somewhat slimy move by them, including that as part of the registration fee), PPTC is still running a marathon bus from Brooklyn and is taking reservations from non-members.

From the PPTC Web site: Non members will be considered after Sept. 26th on a first come first, served basis. Non member cost is $15.

For more info, e-mail:

Or mail: PPTC P.O. Box 150658 Van Brunt Station Brooklyn, NY 11215-0658

Unclear yet if there's a second Brooklyn bus out there - anyone know?

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JanetG said...

Having traveled to the NYCM on the buses from the library, on the ferry, and on a running club bus from Brooklyn, I highly recommend the bus from Brooklyn. Schlepping into Manhattan just to save $15. just isn't worth it!