Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I Run

'Nuf said. This is a family blog, so I won't even describe the reactions this sign got.


Daniel said...

I loved that sign. Also liked one on First Ave that said:
"I'm single and selective." Not sure whether I was far enough up to rate.

Anonymous said...

Love the sign, Amy
Amy you are looking good


sassafrasssls said...

Love the sign, too! Although I'm not sure that's totally true. How many elite runners are good-looking to anyone but fellow runners?

Amy said...

That was me! Daniel, call me.
Sassafrassel, sure elite runners with their muscles and their eye of the tiger are sexy! But who cares what non runners think, anyway?

Julie Tolkin said...

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Anonymous said...

Obviously Julie doesn't understand ANYTHING about properly fitting/choosing a running shoe if she provides a specific model for consideration w/o knowing her specific audience.... and her website links to sales of the shoe on Amazon - yeah, she's trolling.