Saturday, November 20, 2010

Empire State Building Climb Feb. 1

The application is available here - note that it's an invitational race. Even though there is a race sponsor, the entry fee has skyrocketed to $50 from $30. Given the fee increases we're seeing in other races - between $40-$55 for the Jingle Bell Jog in Brooklyn (which is being used as a fund-raiser) - you may want to budget a bit more for races in 2011.

The Joe Kleinerman 10K has closed, for those who were thinking about that race.

Still no word on the dates for road races in January and February - a post by NYRR on its Facebook page earlier this week indicates that they will be coming shortly. The one race everyone wants the date for is the Manhattan half, which has been run in late January, traditionally.

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Dan said...

Need to budget is right. I'm surprised at how much they are charging for some of these races, but glad to see at least the high price of the Jingle Bell Jog is due to it being a fundraiser. Still...