Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 2-3: "Slow Down, You're Moving too Fast"

Or, I could say "Slow Down, You Move too Fast" - which might be the more appropriate song for this (answers to both artists in a bit).

Obviously, running fast is not always a problem; and in fact, it's a goal for many of us to run *faster* - so it seems somewhat of a contradiction to say "slow down."

Yet that's one of the things to do, especially in preparation for a race or three. Yesterday's run, an early morning saunter over the Brooklyn Bridge and back, is a perfect example. Normally, especially when I'm on a solo run, I run at what ever pace I'm feeling like. Which is both good ... or bad if you're supposed to be running at a slower pace.

So, yesterday was a deliberate move. I picked out a very familiar route, and targeted *slower* time checkpoints than I might normally do. And, happily, I did. (And today, a light two miles with stretching, is a bit more of the same).

If you want to get faster, you have to mix up the pace a bit - if you run 9 minutes miles all the time, you're not going to race at 8 minute/pace. That's why tempo runs, fartleks, hills and intervals should gradually worked into your training. At the same time, the recovery days from the hard workouts are equally as important.

Sauntering over the Bridge also has the added benefit of allowing you to appreciate the surroundings a bit more (such as the temporary Parsons map exhibit on the Promenade - get to it before it rains!)

Oh, and the songs? "Lights" by Styx and "Feelin' Groovy (the 59th St. Bridge Song) by S&G. I hope it's the latter song that gets stuck in your head as you're out for a run - and that your mind doesn't wander over to something like "Mr Roboto"

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