Sunday, November 7, 2010

Searchable Results Available by 8 p.m.

The New York marathon site, which has been frustrating me to no end throughout the day, says searchable results will be available by then. Look for this, as well as tons of snippets of information, throughout the next few days. Congrats everyone who ran!


Danny P said...

Had a question after the excitement of yesterday -- if I've completed the requirements for the 9+1 entry for the 2011 marathon (8 races, including the double credit Haiti race and I've volunteered), what do I need to do next to make sure I'm registered for next year?

I don't want to submit the lottery application if I don't need to, but having never run NY before, I'm slightly confused by the instructions.

Thanks for any insight!

Brooklyn Runner said...

You can register now, you can wait until April 30, 2011. Doesn't matter - they'll only charge you the $11 now - though they will charge you the full fee if you get in, even if you decide not to run. The "enter today" stuff is a lot of hype; you've got plenty of time to decide.

Anonymous said...

If you did 9+1 don't apply for the lottery. Your application is available January 10, 2011 and due by April 30.

Danny P said...

Thanks, Anonymous! That was the info I needed.

(And thanks, BR, for the blog -- this is my go-to for running info in the borough.)